Jim Heesacker

Ending out the month sharing another amazing Athlete Spotlight...May's Member of the Month.....Big Jim !!! Jim is a consistent member who comes in and gives it all he has every workout. Jim cheers everyone on and has always been super involved in our community. He's also a really positive guy, which we love! And not to mention a total stud! ;-)

You the man Big Jim!

Ashleigh Morgan

Our April Member of the Month is…Ashleigh Morgan!! Ashleigh has been at Cascade for a year and a half and is a consistent 10am’er. To say that we are proud of her is a total understatement!! This might sound silly, but I almost feel speechless when trying to describe how proud of this woman I am!! What I can say is that Ashleigh is one DETERMINED lady! She has worked SO hard to work towards her goals. She often comes early or stays after (almost every time she works out) to get in extra work. She is always pushing herself outside her comfort zone which is so not easy to do. She does it all with humility, kindness, and the best laugh that always make us smile.

What I absolutely LOVE about Ashleigh’s transformation is helping her to see how capable and STRONG she is. To see what she has accomplished in such a short time truly inspires me and I know inspires others! Thank you so much for being a part of Cascade, Ashleigh, it truly would not be the same without you!

Brad Duncan

Congratulations to Brad Duncan who is our March Member of the Month! Brad has been with us over 3 1/2 years and it's been so cool to watch his journey since starting. And been even more awesome getting to know him better. Movements weren't always easy for Brad as he worked through some mobility stuff, but he has certainly put in a lot of work towards that and now is doing so many things I remember being a challenge in the beginning (side note, Brad--check out your front rack in this video! Those elbows!) :-).

Brad has always been so consistent in his workouts and continues to push himself every single workout. I know he never settles for the "easy way". And if you watch him on the rower or the Assault bike....dude. He's amazing. I love seeing this guy prove that age isn't always a thing for when you want to start CrossFit (and by the way, he easily crushes people half his age on that rower and bike!).

Make sure to check out this awesome video and learn more about another amazing person in this community! Congratulations Brad!!

Robin Rosenquist

It's time for another Member of the Month Spotlight...so saying goodbye to January featuring this amazing lady...Robin Rosenquist! It has been so awesome getting to know Robin and her husband Jeff over the past couple years that they have been a part of Cascade. They quickly became a huge part of Cascade and we are so grateful! Robin has stood out to us for so many reasons, but this lady has worked her butt off and has made some of the most amazing progress we have seen for that short of time. And not to mention she is one of the kindest and most supportive people you will find! I love that Robin is a teacher and her students would probably be SO amazed to know all that she can do outside the classroom!

We are so thankful for Robin (and Jeff!) and can't imagine this community without them. Thank you for making Cascade a better place!

Congratulations Robin, we are SO proud of you!!!

Vishnu Ramireddy | November Member of the Month

[video width="1920" height="1080" mp4="http://cascadecf.wpengine.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/Vishnu-MOTM.mp4"][/video] We are beyond excited to feature this total stud as November Member of the Month!!! VISHNU!!!

For those of you who know Vishnu (including all the ones who kept telling us he should be the Member of the Month) you know how awesome this guy is. Vishnu's journey at Cascade has been a little bit shorter than other Member of the Month's but he has been one of the standouts because of all that he has accomplished in his short amount of time.

By watching the video, you learn how CrossFit was not an instant "click". I remember watching Kyle work in fundamentals with him and you could tell that this was definitely a push outside of his comfort zone. We all know (but can often forget) how intimidating CrossFit is when you first start especially when it doesn't come exactly easy. But, from day one, Vishnu came in determined to grow and learn and get the most out of the workouts that he could. Quite frankly, I haven't seen someone push themselves so much out of their comfort as Vishnu has.

And all of his hard work and determination has helped him grow so much in such a short time! And talk about someone who you want to be friends with....this guy is pure gold. He is always smiling, always cheering, and always congratulating others. He's one of those people who you talk to and you immediately smile.

I'll never forget how he emailed Kyle, Nick, and I one week when he was going to be out of town and he told us how much he would miss being away followed by some sweet and funny comment. He made our day and it's so amazing seeing someone like him come so far and have this become such a passion!

Vishnu, we can't thank you enough for being the person you are and bringing all that you are into Cascade! You make us a better gym!!


Ali Hansen- October Member of the Month


Congratulations to Ali Hansen who we have selected as October's Member of the Month! Ali has been long deserving of a little extra spotlight because this woman is one of the most consistent, driven, and determined ladies! Ali has always worked her butt off to do her absolute best in workouts and all the hard work she has put in has turned her into quite a stud!!

Ali has always been pretty dang strong but in the last several months, this lady has even made more of a transformation. She has accomplished amazing skills like kipping pull ups and bar muscle ups, but also has been PR'ing her lifts and workouts like a mad woman. It definitely shows what you can start achieving when you push yourself and set your mind to something.

Ali (who has also has perfected the skill of socializing ;-)) is such a huge part of Cascade. I really can't imagine if she weren't a part of the 6:30 class...it would be so different. Ali has such a kind and giving heart, is goofy, and is so welcoming to new people when they come in. All of which help make our Cascade community the amazing community we are so fortunate to have.

I love what Ali writes below about being a role model for her kids....and how much this has helped her grow as a person that extends outside the gym. Girl, we are insanely proud of you and can't imagine this gym without you in it!

Here is what Ali had to say, take a moment and check it out!

Thank you so much for choosing me as member of the month! I am a self admitted CrossFit geek and love all things CrossFit...following the athletes on social media, competing in the Open, strategizing about my next WOD, and the Games are like Christmas to me!! But I wasn't always so CrossFit crazy...
Before becoming a member I nannied and would drop off my kiddos at Cascade. I never knew what exactly was going on but I knew my boss was hooked (thanks Kelley Fisher ;-) ) and it seemed like a really welcoming place with great people!! So fast forward to 3 months after I had my second child and I was looking to get the most effective workout in a limited amount of time being a mom of two toddlers. I decided I'd try CrossFit and knew Cascade was where I wanted to do it. It wasn't long before I figured out that Cascade was someplace really special!! The coaches know what they're talking about and push you to be your best. The members at Cascade are also second to none! Everyone is down to earth, hard working, and so friendly. Totally my kind of people!!
More recently I have really honed in my eating in order to get the most out of my WODs. I have dropped 35 pounds since March, set new PRs, and mastered skills that seemed unreachable before. As a mom I sometimes feel like I am running from one thing to the next but I live for the gym because of the sense of accomplishment I get from pushing myself in the gym. If I don't complete a single task at home but I finished a WOD that wrecked me then it was a good day!!
Like I said I am a mega geek when it comes to CrossFit and as we all know, the first rule of CrossFit is to always talk about CrossFit. But in all seriousness, my favorite thing about this sport is the way it changes lives for the better. I am healthier, stronger, more confident, and better prepared for life in general because of the things I do in the box. I am also a better role model to my kids, showing them that it's important to take care of your body and push yourself out of your comfort zone or you'll never know what you're capable of. I love that CrossFit is for everyone and no matter what your fitness level we can all WOD together!!
Thank you Cascade for the honor and thank you for being the kind of place where the possibilities seem limitless as to where I can go on this fitness journey. Can't wait to see what the next level is for me!!