Vishnu Ramireddy | November Member of the Month

[video width="1920" height="1080" mp4=""][/video] We are beyond excited to feature this total stud as November Member of the Month!!! VISHNU!!!

For those of you who know Vishnu (including all the ones who kept telling us he should be the Member of the Month) you know how awesome this guy is. Vishnu's journey at Cascade has been a little bit shorter than other Member of the Month's but he has been one of the standouts because of all that he has accomplished in his short amount of time.

By watching the video, you learn how CrossFit was not an instant "click". I remember watching Kyle work in fundamentals with him and you could tell that this was definitely a push outside of his comfort zone. We all know (but can often forget) how intimidating CrossFit is when you first start especially when it doesn't come exactly easy. But, from day one, Vishnu came in determined to grow and learn and get the most out of the workouts that he could. Quite frankly, I haven't seen someone push themselves so much out of their comfort as Vishnu has.

And all of his hard work and determination has helped him grow so much in such a short time! And talk about someone who you want to be friends with....this guy is pure gold. He is always smiling, always cheering, and always congratulating others. He's one of those people who you talk to and you immediately smile.

I'll never forget how he emailed Kyle, Nick, and I one week when he was going to be out of town and he told us how much he would miss being away followed by some sweet and funny comment. He made our day and it's so amazing seeing someone like him come so far and have this become such a passion!

Vishnu, we can't thank you enough for being the person you are and bringing all that you are into Cascade! You make us a better gym!!