Tudor Magda- January Member of the Month

[video width="1920" height="1080" mp4="http://cascadecf.wpengine.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/Tudor-MOTM-Video.mp4"][/video] I’m really excited to show off our January Member of the Month, Tudor Magda! I’ve had so many people come up to me telling me how Tudor deserves it and we 100% agree...this kid is a stud!

Tudor is 13 years old and has been working out since he was 9 years old. I have to say, we are generally very conservative when it comes to letting kids workout in classes, for obvious reasons. So, I think we were all a little nervous when Tudor started. However, with the amazing guidance of Marius (his dad) there with him every time, Tudor was able to be slowly get introduced to CrossFit and how it all worked.

It was a very long time of Tudor taking it easy and needing to modify for his age. This past year though, I feel like things just changed and Tudor hit his stride and it’s been amazing to see what he accomplished. Being around 70#, he out lifts several people in the gym (myself included) and has crazy skills on things like muscle ups, butterfly pull ups, handstand walk, handstand push ups, double unders...the list goes on. It shows how hard work pays off as Tudor is probably one of the only members I see constantly coming in early or staying after to practice something he wanted to get good at. Sure, it came with a lot of frustration (as working on weaknesses does….), but it showed what determination and perseverance can accomplish. I find myself constantly inspired by him and I know tons of other members are as well!

Tudor’s story is not just about being consistent and becoming good at CrossFit...it shows a kid who loves this as his sport and his passion, and what you can achieve when you put your mind to it. Now that CrossFit has a teens division, it is going to be SO excited watching Tudor compete in this and cheer him on!

Thanks for inspiring us Tudor and we are so proud of you for all you have accomplished!

From Tudor:

Hello everyone,

I feel greatly honored for receiving the title of member of the month for the month of January. I have been crossfitting for four years now and I can assure you that it has improved my lifestyle, both inside and outside of the gym. I started Crossfit in February 2012. Before, I had played soccer recreationally since I was in kindergarten and I always thought I was “active”. While I was playing soccer my dad started Crossfit in the fall of 2011 and went to the gym regularly.  After my soccer season ended at the end of November, I wanted to keep myself in shape during the offseason. My dad said that I should come to his Crossfit gym to try it out. I told him I would and that was my first class at Cascade Crossfit. I instantly fell in love with it and when the spring soccer season came up I decided I wouldn’t register for it to pursue my goals in Crossfit.

My Crossfit journey started off small. I could barely do a few pull-ups so I used a band to assist me during workouts.  A 20-pound barbell was enough to tire me during workouts. The one skill I did have was a little endurance and speed from playing soccer. During workouts I scaled the movements and weights. After a few months I was getting better and the results were showing it. I wasn’t using the pull-up band anymore since I had learned how to kip. I also could perform a few double unders with singles in-between.  Soon enough, I had mastered the kipping pull-up and found out that there was an even more efficient way to perform pull-ups - butterfly pull-ups. I was practicing every day after the class had ended but I just couldn’t get the momentum to perform a few in a row. Then one day, I went after the class to practice as usual, and, as if I had already known how to do them, I performed three unbroken butterfly pull-ups with ease.

After a year had passed since I started, you could see the difference in overall fitness comparing me then and me when I had started. I could easily lift more weight with good technique and I had just about mastered the art of performing double-unders. I could also do bodyweights movements that I struggled with before like handstand push-ups and rope climbs. The one movement that I struggled to execute was the muscle-up. The coaches and everyone in the community was very supportive of me, telling me that I could do it and cheering me on when I attempted one. I had enough strength to pull myself to the rings and do a dip but the element I struggled with was the transition. I eventually got my first muscle-up after I had worked on drills to improve my transition but I couldn’t have done it without the support of the community at Cascade Crossfit.

Now I’m miles ahead of where my fitness level was when I started Crossfit. Although I have come so far, it’s only a fragment of what can be accomplished. The thing is: Crossfit challenges me across all domains of fitness, something that I didn’t feel when I was playing soccer on a recreational league, that I participated in just for fun. One of the main reasons I’m at the level that I am now is because of the support from the community. People cheering me on during workouts inspire me to push harder. The coaches at Cascade are so supportive, always willing to help if you have a question.  At a regular gym most people do their own thing rarely interacting and getting involved with other people.  Most Crossfit gyms are the complete opposite. I can almost guarantee that the Crossfit community will make you feel included, supporting you through your hardships, and cheering with you in your success.

Thank you again for Member of the Month honor and I will see you at the gym.