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Ashleigh Morgan

Our April Member of the Month is…Ashleigh Morgan!! Ashleigh has been at Cascade for a year and a half and is a consistent 10am’er. To say that we are proud of her is a total understatement!! This might sound silly, but I almost feel speechless when trying to describe how proud of this woman I am!! What I can say is that Ashleigh is one DETERMINED lady! She has worked SO hard to work towards her goals. She often comes early or stays after (almost every time she works out) to get in extra work. She is always pushing herself outside her comfort zone which is so not easy to do. She does it all with humility, kindness, and the best laugh that always make us smile.

What I absolutely LOVE about Ashleigh’s transformation is helping her to see how capable and STRONG she is. To see what she has accomplished in such a short time truly inspires me and I know inspires others! Thank you so much for being a part of Cascade, Ashleigh, it truly would not be the same without you!

Brad Duncan

Congratulations to Brad Duncan who is our March Member of the Month! Brad has been with us over 3 1/2 years and it's been so cool to watch his journey since starting. And been even more awesome getting to know him better. Movements weren't always easy for Brad as he worked through some mobility stuff, but he has certainly put in a lot of work towards that and now is doing so many things I remember being a challenge in the beginning (side note, Brad--check out your front rack in this video! Those elbows!) :-).

Brad has always been so consistent in his workouts and continues to push himself every single workout. I know he never settles for the "easy way". And if you watch him on the rower or the Assault bike....dude. He's amazing. I love seeing this guy prove that age isn't always a thing for when you want to start CrossFit (and by the way, he easily crushes people half his age on that rower and bike!).

Make sure to check out this awesome video and learn more about another amazing person in this community! Congratulations Brad!!

Nick Ballard | April Member of the Month

[embed][/embed] We're very pumped to announce Nick Ballard as our April Member of the Month! We basically think he deserves this since he has to put up with those 9am ladies every morning!!! ;-) Totally kidding.

Nick has been a member of Cascade for years and has always brought an awesome energy to the gym. What has been a stand out about Nick is that he works his butt off, is very consistent, strives to move well and holds himself accountable for proper movement. He is always cheering others on (which, most the time, is the 9am mom that!) and cracking some sort of joke.

Nick has put in a ton of effort at the gym and it's definitely paid off. With finally hitting a goal of a 200# snatch and whipping out skills like Muscle ups, Handstand pushups, and perfect pushups. The dude is strong and puts up some killer times.

Watch the video to learn more about Nick and make sure to give him a fist bump or high five when you see him at the gym! Proud of you, Nick, for all your hard work, and thank you for being such an awesome representation of what Cascade CrossFit is all about!

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