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Brian Levesque | Cascade CrossFit photo credit: Armaggeddon Games Brian Levesque | Cascade CrossFit (photo courtesy of the Armageddon Games)


September's Member of the Month!!! Brian Levesque! Here's another member that it is no question why we have selected him to be member of the month. Brian is obviously a stud and when he started, he certainly was pretty fit. He is one of those people who is just a natural athlete, but has also put in a ton of hard work to get to where he is at. You give him a couple cues...he gets a muscle up. Another couple cues...he is double-undering. Although that can be super annoying to the rest of us where it takes us forever to learn a skill, it's certainly inspiring that he accomplishes what he puts his mind to so quickly.

Brian has built some crazy strength as well and it was awesome to watch him compete in his first CrossFit competition, the Armageddon Games (photo above) with his partner, Tanner. They finished 11th, I believe, out of 30 super competitive teams, which is freaking awesome. And, of course, Brian is about as nice a guy as they get. He always is listening and always accepting of constructive criticism, which is really unique. We are so grateful to have both him and his wife, Julie, as members at Cascade, as well as their daughter Faith! Check out his story below!

Well I first want to say a big thank you to everyone on the coaching staff and I feel honored to be the September member of the month. I truly believe that Cascade has the best coaches I’ve ever worked with. Their knowledge of how to do lifts properly and the encouragement through a workout is what has kept me wanting to push harder and be better every time I walk in.

I’ll start off why I started crossfit. I was in the military for 8 years and when I got out, I missed that feeling of accomplishing a challenging run or exercising together as a group and pushing each other harder past a limit we thought possible. I was going to the gym and doing hot yoga but I was getting tired of the same routines and needed a challenge. I started looking online at boot camps and came across a groupon for a crossfit place in N. Seattle for just a couple weeks. I didn’t really get that welcoming feeling and wasn’t receiving enough instruction so I started to do some research to look for a new box. I remember my first day walking into Cascade around lunchtime and seeing Martindale building a bobsled out of the box jumps with a few of the other coaches playing around. I wasn’t sure what to expect but after doing my first WOD I knew that I had found my new home.

I had started right around when the open workouts began in 2014 and after watching everyone come out and give it their all during Friday Night Lights, it made me want to strive to be the best I can be and maybe even reach competition level one day. I was determined to continuously work on my weaknesses and about a year and a half later, I feel ready to do my first competition and it’s all thanks to Tanner for encouraging me to do it with him. I have reached goals that I never thought were possible and have never felt better. I know I haven’t mastered every skill and technique and might not ever, but this is why I love crossfit. There’s always room for improvement.

It really is like a second family and I feel like a kid at a playground every time I workout. Everyone is so friendly and I don’t have to worry about finding child care so my wife and I can work out together. We are all happy to be a part of the Cascade community (including Faith). My wife and I currently live in Seattle and started to look for a new box but nothing could compare to Cascade so we decided to stick out the long drive until we move back to the east side. You all make it worth the drive!