Paul Tran | June Member of the Month

This Member of the Month is more of a personal one for me since I have had the pleasure of working with Paul as one of my personal clients and really getting to know him better along his journey. Paul is so incredibly deserving and I am so proud to call him June's Member of the Month!

I feel like Paul has been a member at Cascade's been a long time!! Like Paul talks about in his video, he had a pretty awesome transformation before he even came into Cascade and it's always been so awesome watching him push himself to do his best each and every day.

One of the main things to me that stands out about Paul is that he literally never has an excuse. The reality for all of us is that we are busier than ever and it's certainly no different for Paul. Between being a single, working dad, fitting time to workout takes making a commitment. For the longest time, he has always been one of the most consistent members at Cascade which alone is such an achievement! In January, Paul made a commitment to learn about nutrition and join our nutrition program. Again, this is another thing most can find an excuse why it won't work and from Day 1, he worked his butt off. Over several weeks, Paul had completely changed the way he was eating....meal prepping, crock-potting, packing lunches to work, and being conscious of so many things he hadn't been conscious about before. It took a while for him to figure out how to structure his days so he finally could dial his numbers in, but eventually, he freaking NAILED it and has been nailing it ever since. One of my favorite check ins from Paul was hearing how he brought fish and vegetables to work and warmed it in the microwave, and all his office peeps were like "what the heck is that?!".

Like Paul says, he has lost 20 pounds since January and changing up his diet. Never once was it easy and he has certainly put the hard work in to reap the rewards. We still are working towards even more goals and I know he will crush it because he is so determined. To reflect on all the challenges he has worked through truly makes me so proud. He does it all with a smile on his face and humor. Another one of my favorite things Paul said was "the struggle is real, Tenny!". Yes, the struggle IS real!! But, he freaking is doing it! Ugh, I just think it's so awesome!!!

Another thing to note is how Paul just completed his first 1/2 Marathon June 18th! I remember mentioning it to him (half joking because I could barely take myself seriously for doing it) and little did I know, he was all in. He has told me how he never had intended running a half marathon in his life, but he committed to it and did it. And he did pretty awesome for his first half! Not many people would do this without being a runner, and just another reason to show how awesome this dude is.

Paul- you are one incredible person and have worked so hard to be where you are! I can't wait to continue to help you reach your goals and see all the things you will continue to accomplish! I don't know how much longer we will have Paul at Cascade (as he mentioned he may be moving in the future) and when that day comes Cascade will definitely not be the same without him!