October's Member of the Month Trina Huarte!

Well, it probably comes as no surprise, but we have selected Trina Huarte as our October Member of the Month! So fitting that she happened to just win her SECOND first place CrossFit competition at the Kill Cliff Cascade Classic, beating CrossFit Games veteran, Kendall Burnham. Seriously, for someone doing crossfit for just over a year, beating a CrossFit Games athlete is incredible.

I could stop here, and it’s obvious why we have selected Trina. In having this gym for nearly 6 years, I don’t think Nick, Kyle, or I have ever seen an athlete quite like Trina. It’s no wonder why her swimming records at UW still stand! She obviously came in with a ton of strength, but to watch her learn new skills like double unders, handstand push ups, muscle ups, the list goes on….I’ve never seen someone learn things so fast. Her learning curve is ridiculous. Almost makes me want to quit crossfit when I watch how fast she learns. Totally kidding...but maybe not ;-)

I remember Shawn talking about how he really wanted to get her wife at Cascade. He said she was the one with the muscles. Well, dang, he was right! I can remember seeing her name on the board when she started and was like “who the heck is this Trina?! Did she CrossFit before? No? Holy crap!!” It truly has been some of the most exciting stuff to watch her develop into such an incredible crossfit athlete. I’m so excited for this next year when the CrossFit Open comes around. She has worked her butt off to improve and get to that top 20 in the World, and I can honestly say, I have no doubt that she will.

And if you know Trina...it doesn’t stop there. Her humility, selflessness, and kindness towards others makes me want to be a better person. She is every bit the definition of inspiration. I truly couldn’t imagine a day without Trina, Shawn, and the kids coming to the gym. Thank you, Huarte family, for enriching Cascade and making it all that more awesome!

Here’s what Trina wrote:

I LOVE Cascade!  I am so honored and humbled to be chosen as your athlete of the month.  If you had told me 14 months ago that I would be a complete crossfit addict, I would have told you that was impossible and that the only way to be ‘fit’ would be to spend 2 hours on a treadmill or a bike with some nominal weightlifting, like bicep curls;) After spending my youth and college years in a swimming pool, I was convinced that fitness could only be achieved by putting in as many hours at the gym as possible.

Did I mention how wrong I was??

Enter Tenny, Kyle and Nikoli.  They have turned my idea of fitness upside-down! (literally and figuratively) I have never had so much fun in my life!  Cascade is a true blessing to have in our community and there is no place like it.  My husband, Shawn, and I are both airline pilots and have traveled all over the world and been to many crossfit boxes.  As fun as it is to meet new people and try different workouts, I still eagerly look forward to my first day home and catching up with all the members and coaches at Cascade.  

Cascade has won my heart. I thank God every day that Shawn found this gym and that he tried day after day to get me there, and didn’t give up.  I thank Tenny for her beautiful spirit and welcoming heart.  I still remember her and Chellsi and their big smiles the first day I came to class.  Those smiles have never wavered and I will never cease to be amazed at the time and dedication these guys give to their members.  And members such as Pat and Casey have been unequaled and untiring in their tremendous support and encouragement, in addition to their efforts to catch me up in the strategic side of CF competition.  They too have been huge for me in this journey, I can’t thank them enough!

I remember going to the gym but having to select the classes based on the instructors.  Not at Cascade.  No need to look.  Every single coach is incredible and each have amazing strengths and an abundance of knowledge to share.  Marshall makes me laugh out loud every time I see him and taught me how to finally string my DU’s.  Cait and Paul gave me the confidence to try a competition and didn’t give up on me when I failed at said DU’s at my first competition.  Nick enabled me to actually move forward on my handstand walks instead of staying in one place!  One day, maybe when he has a cold, I might beat him at a WOD.  I will keep dreaming.  Tess has the ability to say one or two words and fix your movements.  Tanner will help you until he knows you’ve got it.  And Kyle makes me want to be a better athlete and do things correctly, no shortcuts, but maybe a beer if you do really well☺

Thank you for being an amazing family.