Michelle Anderson


Well...yes...pigs are flying somewhere because Michelle Anderson is our May Member of the Month! :-) No, that’s not very nice. Even though one of Michelle’s most toned muscles is her mouth and she doesn’t exactly win the “World’s Most Punctual to Class” Award, this lady is so deserving of Member of the Month.

It’s crazy that it has already been over three years at Cascade. I totally remember when Michelle first started because CrossFit was so foreign to her and I really didn’t know if she was going to stick with it. Over the last three years, Michelle has accomplished so much and her body has completely transformed. I mean...check out those arms in her pic! Get it girrrrrrl! From starting at very low and taking her time to slowly increase, Michelle is now impressively strong. One thing that has stuck out to me is that she is always challenging herself to do a little more. She might do 75# instead of 65# or a 24” box instead of a 20”. Even if it isn’t a recommendation to go advanced, she still does it. I also totally love her attitude towards lifting. She works hard and cares about proper form and is totally humble enough to not go more than she should do. But, I also think she is constantly surprising herself at what she actually CAN do!

Besides becoming such a stud, Michelle  is an amazing person. She can talk to anyone about anything with being so sincere and caring. It’s no wonder she has made such a slough of friends here, because she genuinely cares about people and treats them that way. We are so lucky to have people like that at this gym. Even as much as a hard time as we give her for talking all.the.time...she’s respectful, thoughtful, and incredibly hard working.

Michelle- you are totally inspiring and we are so blessed to have you as a part of the Cascade family!

Here’s Michelle’s story:


Well, I can truly say that miracles do happen… I can’t believe I was chosen as Member of the Month!!  It has been a running joke for a couple of years amongst the 9am’ers that the only Member of the Month I will ever receive is the “Social” Member of the Month award.  Haha!  On a more serious note, I am truly honored to be recognized.  My Crossfit journey began a few years ago when I was in a fitness rut.  I had been a member at The Pine Lake Club for years doing the same old aerobic classes and not seeing the results I was looking at achieve.  I started researching other types of workouts and watched YouTube videos about Crossfit.  I was totally freaked out after watching the videos, and put Crossfit on hold for awhile.  Fast forward a few months… I was standing at the bus stop waiting for the kids when my neighbor Heather Harris walked up wearing a Cascade Crossfit tank top with perfectly cut arms.  I started talking to her about Crossfit, and more importantly, Cascade Crossfit.  She encouraged me to give it a try and raved about the gym and the amazing trainers.  I can safely say it is one of the best decisions I have ever made!

I am so grateful for the people that I have met at the gym, the endless support and the dedication to fitness that I feel every time I step into the gym.  Cascade Crossfit is more than just a gym; it is a community of fun, happy, dedicated and goal oriented people.  Crossfit for me is really about setting attainable goals and working to achieve them.  It is the little victories along the way that keep us all coming back for more. I am thankful for being introduced to Paleo a few years back.  It has changed my life!  I had been struggling with food allergies and been mis-diagnosed for years.  I decided to heal my body through good nutrition and awesome advice from my friend Brooke Erickson, who is studying to be a Nutritionist.  If you haven’t taken the Paleo plunge, I totally encourage it.  You will see results and feel amazing.

Lastly, I have to thank all my girls’ (and Pete) at the 9AM class for all their support and encouragement over the years.  I can honestly say that I have made life-long friends at Cascade Crossfit.  The friendships even trickle down to my son Brady and his friendship with Conor Mosley.  They met at the gym a few summers ago and have been best friends since Marshall allowed them to move his car… a bond that will never be broken.  Fitness is a personal journey; but I could not have done it without Cascade Crossfit.  Thank you Kyle, Tenny and Nick for taking a “chance” on opening the gym and pouring your heart and soul into the success of each member.  Your hard work even paid off for this “chatty” girl!  ☺