Leah Fox

Leah Fox  

We’d like to congratulate Leah Fox as our March Member of the Month! :-)

Leah has been with us for two and a half years, and is very deserving of this because of all the hard work she has put in to get the results that she has. She has always been one of the most consistent members, usually making it in at least 5 days a week. Consistency is the key to results and it sure has been the case as how she has achieved what she has. Leah is also one STRONG woman. I love how she focuses on proper form, and if you watch her, her movements always look awesome. She doesn't just sacrifice technique to get the best time or score. Love that.

The other huge reason we picked Leah was because of her attitude. I, honestly, do not know if I have ever not seen Leah with a smile on her face. She always comes in with a smile on her face and is the one cheering others on in the workout. And as much as it might not be said, those things are what help motivate others and make it such a positive environment to be in. So we are truly grateful for that.

We are proud of you, Leah, for accomplishing so many things I know that didn’t come easy and thank you for helping to make the Cascade environment what it is!!!

Here is from Leah :-)

Hello Everyone,

First, thank you for recognizing me as the member of the month.

I joined Cascade Crossfit September of 2012, but let me tell you a how I got here.  Since high school I have always been considered a “gym rat”. I was active with traditional workouts while competing in powerlifting and bodybuilding.  In 2010 my husband relocated with the Coast Guard and we moved from the Central Coast of California to Washington. I was in a new state with no close friends or family.  The first year here was extremely hard for me. I gained more weight than I ever wanted to so I signed up at Golds Gym. Nothing was inspiring me to stay though.  My sister, who lives two states away, kept telling me to try Crossfit. I owe a big thanks to her for this suggestion! I finally agreed and that’s where my Cascade Crossfit Journey begins.

With my weightlifting background I thought this was going to be an easy transition…WRONG!  My very first workout was a HERO WOD.  After that workout I thought Icyhot was going to be my new lotion. It was borderline torture, but something kept me going back.  All the coaches and the members were so inviting, knew my name, and kept cheering me on.  The motivation was outstanding!

I am a regular 5:30 member but try to switch it up when I can.  With clean eating habits and Crossfit I have been able to keep off the weight that I gained and could not be happier.

To everyone who has joined recently and those who have known me for a while, I did start with modifications. I used bands for my pull-ups and did pushups on my knees. Don’t give up! Keep striving for small goals and you will look back to see great accomplishments.

Thank you to all the coaches and Cascade members for being our extended family!


Photo Credit: TAustin Photography