Jeff Holy

Jeff Holy | Cascade CrossFit He may not like the spotlight very much, but your Mr. April Member of the Month is Jeff Holy! ;-)

Jeff and his wife Aimee have been at Cascade for years, and it has been so awesome to have them as a part of the family. What has stood out with Jeff is that he really is such a kind person and so hard working. But, I think the thing that stands out the most about Jeff, and that we respect so much as coaches, is his dedication to form and technique. He is humble enough to know when he needs to scale weight or movement…which is rare! We have always commented on how Jeff is one of the people in the gym who has the best form, and he certainly has worked hard to get there. Really proud of him for that and hope that others see how awesome that is as well.

I also love seeing how Jeff and his wife always get after the Saturday partner workouts. It’s not too often that you see couples partnering up and getting after a workout together, and it’s awesome to watch them crush it together!

Make sure if you see Jeff, to congratulate him! We are so thankful to have him as a part of the gym and just another example of why we are so lucky to be surrounded by this group of people!

Check out his story!


Thank you Tenny, Kyle and Nick for considering me worthy of member of the month. There are so many great people at Cascade that this is truly an honor for me.

When I was 45 years old I found myself in a terrible physical and mental state. Like many, I was working far too many hours in a very stressful environment and my fitness had decreased to a pathetic level. To make things worse, middle aged metabolism had fully kicked in and I started packing on the fat - I looked and felt like total fluff. So, there I was with a beautiful wife and two wonderful boys of 3 and 9 and I was literally falling apart on them. Fast forward five years later and now I'm Mr. April....<Big Grin>. All joking aside, I literally woke up the morning after my 45th Christmas and pledged to make whatever changes were needed to help ensure that I would see my boys start families of their own one day.

A few months later I had successfully lost 20 pounds at the standard gym alone and I emphasize alone - boring!.  My wife Aimee, had been doing Crossfit at Cascade for a few months when she invited me to join her for a Saturday morning partner workout. I remember it being a hot summer day and that we had to do lots of box jumps, rope climbs and running. It was a really long and hard workout and I was amazed by how supportive and nice everyone was. I was also very impressed with how great the coach was. She was very supportive, highly competent at coaching the movements and very good at keeping newbees like me out of trouble. At the end of that grueling WOD we all staggered about congratulating one another for conquering that beast. I would no longer be working out alone - I was hooked!

Crossfit has been an amazing journey for me that has transformed exercise from a necessary chore to a hobby and sport that I can't get enough of. There seems to be a never ending list of things to learn and try to master and the people are welcoming, down to earth and, just like me, they want to live the best lives they can for themselves and for their families. For anyone looking to start Crossfit, Cascade is one of the best affiliates you'll find anywhere - my travels have taken me to many. And for the new members at Cascade, take your time and focus on becoming proficient with the movements and before you know it you'll see your scores start to jump up the leader board. After all, Crossfit is a journey not a destination.


Photo Credit: TAustin Photography