Brad Duncan

Congratulations to Brad Duncan who is our March Member of the Month! Brad has been with us over 3 1/2 years and it's been so cool to watch his journey since starting. And been even more awesome getting to know him better. Movements weren't always easy for Brad as he worked through some mobility stuff, but he has certainly put in a lot of work towards that and now is doing so many things I remember being a challenge in the beginning (side note, Brad--check out your front rack in this video! Those elbows!) :-).

Brad has always been so consistent in his workouts and continues to push himself every single workout. I know he never settles for the "easy way". And if you watch him on the rower or the Assault bike....dude. He's amazing. I love seeing this guy prove that age isn't always a thing for when you want to start CrossFit (and by the way, he easily crushes people half his age on that rower and bike!).

Make sure to check out this awesome video and learn more about another amazing person in this community! Congratulations Brad!!