Aimee Rich

Aimee Well, I apologize that I am a little behind here with the craziness of the holidays, but I finally got to share our Member of the Month for December….Aimee Rich!

Aimee has been with Cascade for almost a year and it her progress, attitude, and consistency have been what made her stand out to pick as member of the month.

It was clear from the beginning that Aimee was an active person, but CrossFit was definitely something new to her. What we all loved about Aimee was her willingness to be patient with the process, work on technique, and challenge herself with every workout. I was also always so impressed that -being a nurse- she would often be coming to the 8am class straight from working a 12 hour night shift. I mean, I would be headed straight to my bed if that was me!

Over the last several months, it’s clear how much her hard work and patience paid off as she is destroying workouts. I will sometimes get a chance to workout next to her, and I’m always impressed by her level of technique for such a rather short period of time. Additionally, she’s constantly pushing me to not slow down. This girl is crazy enough that she sometimes is even coming in twice a day to make up workouts or work on something.

Aimee is the perfect example of what CrossFit can bring with lots of hard work, consistency, and trusting in the process by being patient, humble yourself, and take time to learn. You can tell she is always working to grow and be better and is one of the kindest people I’ve met. And when her boyfriend, Joe joined us a little while ago, these two just are so much fun to have in class.

Aimee, you are awesome!!!!


Here is from Aimee:

Holy smokes, you guys. Thank you! I am extremely honored to be your December Member of the Month. The Cascade community is full of quality people and athletes, and I am so glad to have been a member here for the last (almost) year.

I have always been fairly active-ish - hiking, running, occasionally going to the free gym at my old apartment complex to play on the elliptical and copy the pictures on the machines… I didn’t even know the world of CrossFit existed until earlier this year right before joining, and it has been a truly amazing journey, very challenging, but so rewarding.

Each workout has been a humbling kick in the pants, but there is something wonderful about this place that keeps me coming back. Cascade absolutely shines in that the coaches are not just knowledgeable and helpful, but they are also encouraging and genuinely get excited when the members perform well and meet our goals. There is nothing quite like the feeling of accomplishment after completing a particularly nasty WOD and knowing that you will only be better for it the next day.

Thank you all for helping me become physically and mentally stronger. I so appreciate the coaches and members of this community. Everyone here is incredibly strong, driven, dedicated, and I am proud to be a Cascadian!!