Aaron Rose

Aaron Rose For February, we are excited to get the chance to spotlight Aaron Rose as Member of the Month! Ever since joining Cascade around 1 year ago, it really has been such a pleasure to get to know Aaron and workout along side him. In my opinion, he really embodies the perfect CrossFitter...he’s consistent, he works on his weaknesses, he mobilizes and warms up every class, he is kind and friendly to everyone, he’s not too prideful to take a step back and listen to critique, he is humble, respectful, listens and is eager to learn, he doesn’t take himself too seriously...he is just one awesome guy!

If you’ve worked out with Aaron, you also know what an awesome athlete this guy is. One thing that impresses me so much about Aaron is how strong this guy has gotten. The other week he hang cleaned for a set of four (I believe) 245#. That’s so impressive! And the strength doesn’t just stop at hang cleans, it’s in all movements. It’s definitely a result of all his hard work, form and technique work, and consistency.

Aaron is just one more member who represents why this gym means the world to us. Getting to go into the gym and see Aaron and other members alike, truly enriches our lives beyond what we could have imagined. We are just so grateful that Aaron has found a home here, and thankful for his friendship and making this gym a truly better place!

Check out Aaron’s story...congrats Aaron!!

My Crossfit story started at 24 hour fitness about 3 years ago. I was strictly following the BroScience workout program… which is: everyday you do chest, bi’s & tris. About once a month, if and only if you feel great, if the gym isn’t too crowded, you perfectly timed your NO Xplode and an epic song comes on… you do legs.  Well the stars aligned and that day came… so I did squats. I think I am athletic but I didn’t play high school sports. Never took weightlifting.  I suspected my form wasn’t great but I watched several YouTube videos plus I would occasionally watch others in the gym, so I threw on as much weight as I could and went to work. Before long, I had tons of knee pain and was in a physical therapist’s office with patella tendonitis.  The doctor told me that squatting deep was dangerous. I asked if I should squat to or below 90 degrees and he told me not to even squat below 75 degrees. I was skeptical of his recommendations and I knew some crossfitters - and I knew that they squatted below parallel all the time - so I thought I would give it a shot.

Lightning round biography: I started at Crossfit Devotion, then moved to Snoqualmie Ridge and joined Snoridge Crossfit, and now I have been at Cascade for about a year. I eat about half Paleo and half Fatburger, Papa Johns, Panera & Starbs. My goal is usually four workouts a week. I graduated from UW in 2004 then joined the Air Force.  I have been an Air Traffic Controller at SeaTac for the last 6 years. I have a gorgeous, sweet wife, two boys (10 & 13) and a baby girl (hopefully!) on the way in September. Oh and I have had pretty much zero knee pain since I started Crossfit 3 years ago.

Physically, there are two main reasons why I am a member at Cascade:

  1. Programming: allowing each coach to rotate weeks and develop their own program creates a seemingly unlimited amount of variation from day to day and week to week.  Each hits the main movements and all are ridiculously intense but one week could lean towards cardio a little more, next week is heavy on Oly lifting, next focuses more on gymnastic movements… resulting in a much greater variety of workouts than you could possibly program on your own.
  1. Structured mobility, everyday, no exceptions. When I first started Crossfit I couldn’t overhead squat the bar. And the only reason I could overhead squat the pvc pipe was because it was basically weightless. My hips and shoulders were so tight that when I overhead squatted my arms were pretty much parallel to the ground.  A few weeks ago I overhead squatted 195 lbs.  For me it wasn’t really the weight that is the issue, it was an inability to get my body in the right position for the movement.  As my mobility improved, the weights would go up. Cascade is one of the few gyms I have been to that has structured, group mobility and it’s been a huge help for me.

More important than any of this though are the people at Cascade.  It starts with Nick, Kyle & Tenny (the owners)… I haven’t met a more inspiring trio.  They are freakishly athletic yet remarkably humble, supportive and encouraging.  You’ll never hear about their PRs, where they rank in the CF Open (despite ranking amongst some of the best in the world) or any other self-endearing stat. They are uncompromisingly positive and encourage every member of Cascade to be their best.

The coaches bring more of the same.  Tessa, Marshall, Miller, Cody, Paul and Caitlyn.  All are incredibly impressive athletes with PhDs in Crossfit, but they have a desire to teach and can explain these complex movements in a patient and inspiring way for all of us beginners.  Their programs are challenging enough for athletes who compete on a monthly basis but fundamental enough for someone who has no fitness experience and just walked in the door. They adjust weights and movements and are able to make sure every member at Cascade: A) Gets a great workout and B) Leaves feeling better than when they walked in.

Cascade Crossfit is more than a gym.  It is a place to see friends.  It’s therapy, anger management, stress relief. Take your mind off life for an hour. Show up, be humbled, then pick yourself up off the floor and go accomplish something. I am thankful to be a member of Cascade and look forward to getting better tomorrow.