Ben Brandon

Ben Brandon is one of our newer members in 2018. Click the video to learn more about how he uses CrossFit as an outlet to keep him healthy and happy.

Hannah Heil
Jodi Zygar

We are so truly excited to share this months Member of the Month,Jodi Zygar, with you. Jodi is someone who came to this gym with no strength training background, where basically everything was brand new. To watch her throughout the last couple years has been inspiring and we are beyond proud of her. Don’t miss out and make sure to watch her story!

Steve Grassman

Time to share another awesome athlete spotlight and this month we have selected Steve Grassman!! I loved listening to his story and think he is an inspiration to so many others.

Katie Leicht

We have had quite a few pregnant mothers workout through their pregnancy, so it was awesome to spotlight Katie as our Member of the Month during this special time. Katie’s story is an inspiration. Katie is such an amazing woman and we feel so grateful that she and her family are a part of this community. Congratulations, Katie!

Suzanne Bateman

Summer was CRAZY, but now we are finally back on track to feature our awesome Members of the Month!! And we are going to kick it back off with such an amazing spotlight. We are so excited to share our September Member of the Month, Suzanne Bateman. Suzanne is one incredible woman and her story is so inspiring. It's pretty darn powerful when you hear how doing CrossFit actually improves how you do life, and that's exactly what it did for Suzanne.

Above being one of the kindest women I know, Suzanne is another extremely consistent member. And not only is she consistent, but she is always staying after class to work on the areas she wants to get better at. And it's totally paid off and to see all that she has accomplished (hello RX toes to bar for the first time this week!!) is pretty incredible. 8am and this gym would not be the same without Suzanne!

So proud of you and so grateful to have you as a part of this community, Suzanne!

Scott Thompson

This guy has so deserved Member of the Month for quite some time now, so we are super pumped to spotlight him as June's Member of the Month! Hard to believe that he has been with us nearly 5 years already...time really does fly! CrossFit wasn't easy for Scott in the beginning (as is what it is for most) but he committed himself from the beginning and worked hard to reach some serious accomplishments. Scott has always been so consistent, hard working, respectful, supportive to all the other members, and just fun to give a hard time to. :) Another thing that stood out to us is just how awesome he is with kids. He makes no hesitation to play, interact, engage with all the little ones and it's easy to see how much they enjoy it right back. That's pretty unique!

So glad that he finally bit the bullet to give CrossFit a try and that he is such a huge part of this community. We are so grateful to have him!

P.S. Don't hesitate to ask this guy some serious wine didn't get mentioned in the video (and I think it's pretty awesome) that he is a total stud sommelier!

Congratulations Scott, you stud!