What is a Speed Camp?

We offer different speed camps for different age groups to help focus and teach perfect technique and to re-program the brain, nervous system, and the body to move faster than ever before. Our speed camps are a total of 8 one hour classes over the course of two months. Our speed camps will help you to train for speed, agility, explosiveness, and flexibility when they return home.

We are dedicated to your success and are here to help you whenever you need. We are NOT just turning you loose to a bunch of ladder drills and high knees, but teaching, guiding and breaking down every part of your running and sprinting form. And now with our Video Analysis, each individual can actually see themselves doing specific drills to help understand and see how to improve.

What do speed camps focus on?

We work on a number of areas that work in tandem with each other. By breaking each one down and teaching the basics of each. Individuals will be able to take home the skills that are most important to developing their top speeds. The main areas we will breakdown and work with each individual on are:
-First step speed/Acceleration

- Flexibility

- Agility

- Linear and lateral explosiveness

- Muscle endurance

- Vertical & broad jumping

- T-time/40 yard sprint/shuttle run training

- Strength training & testing

- Sport specific skills

We also place a large emphasis on Nutrition. Results come from a proper diet. Nutrition starts on DAY ONE.


Speed camps consist of (8) one hour classes, every Wednesday for two months. Grab your friends for big discounts!

* Single athlete – $225

* Sign up with 1 friend – $195 each

* Sign up with 3 or more friends – $185 each

2011 Speed Camp Dates:

January 5  -  February 23
April 6  -  May 25
July 6  -  August 24
October 5  -  November 23

Sign up today and reserve your spot