Silke Grainger | Cascade CrossFit
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Silke Grainger | Cascade CrossFit

Silke Grainger | Cascade CrossFit

If you have seen Silke at the gym or seen her times, it probably comes as no surprise that we have selected Silke as our August Member of the Month. Silke has been with us ever since she moved from Florida three years ago. We knew she’d fit right in, when the day she came to check us out, we told her we were going to float the river and she was immediately down. Admittedly, we were super pumped as we were needing some strong girls for our Cascade Team, and we couldn’t have been more excited to see Silke walk through our doors! 😉

Over the last three years, Silke has always been on our Cascade team that has competed at Regionals and has gotten so close to making it to the CrossFit Games. In fact, Silke’s team back in Florida went to the Games the year before she came to our gym. She has got to be one of the most competitive people I have met in my life. It’s been so awesome, and inspiring, to watch Silke and her determination the last three years. To me, it humbles me and shows me the difference in mindset between me (who likes to think I can hang in competition) to someone who actually competes and crushes it.

Silke is due with her first baby, August 19th, and pregnancy has just continued to show her drive and passion for fitness. At 39 weeks pregnant, she is still RX’ing and beating most of the heavy hitters in the gym. Working out at her level while pregnant certainly is not for everyone, but for Silke and her level of athleticism, it’s pretty amazing to see what she accomplishes. I know there is a lot of skepticism that goes along with CrossFit and pregnancy. I certainly had my fair share of critics while I worked out pregnant. I want to assert that from Day 1 of her pregnancy, she has had that baby as her top priority. And has been under total supervision of her doctor. I’m proud and inspired by her to see how she continues to workout and modify how she needs to, to get the best workout possible.

We are also thankful for, yet another, awesome person to be part of Cascade. Silke, as well as her husband Simon, are such kind and good-hearted people. We are grateful for the friendship that has come out of them being a part of Cascade!

Love you Silke and can’t wait to see the massive guns your baby will have when he comes out! 😉

Here is Silke’s write up (Silke focused on her CrossFit and pregnancy journey):

Crossfit and pregnancy is a highly debated subject from all my research. Speaking for my story, there have been a ton of benefits that have also been backed up by my doctor for continuing this training throughout my entire pregnancy.  

Having started Crossfit in 2008 and never having not competed in it somehow since then (Sectionals, Open, Regionals, Games) until this year being pregnant, my story might differ a little from many others. I dreaded becoming pregnant because being fit is such an important thing in my life and let me tell you, Google can definitely be your enemy when you try to figure out how to handle this type of change.  Morning sickness was not on the menu, thankfully, and I believe it had a lot to do with the training.

The industry is moving away from the 140bpm limit recommendation for pregnant women, but it all depends on prior fitness levels. I thought I had to walk as a workout for 10 months and went into depression the first trimester because of it … thanks Google. Of course at that stage you are also waiting to make sure there is no miscarriage risk and for the 20 week ultrasound results to prove you have a healthy developing baby. I switched from my old competition training style to the class workouts and the results have been awesome. I have no more back, shoulder or knee issues and have actually become stronger in many things from adding in a lot of strict movements. My cardio conditioning has remained the same, exceptions of course are pull-ups , ring dips and any upper body bodyweight related movements, which are rougher and slower with this almost 30 pound baby weight vest on every day.

I make little contraptions with plates and mats to create a hole in the ground for my belly so I can still do burpees or pushups and obviously, I had to start laying off the abs in the last couple months. Thanks to all of this training now at 39 weeks pregnant, I have achieved my own personal little goals of not being the pregnant lady who has to support her back when standing, waddling, needing help tying her shoes, having issues with gestational diabetes or any other things many pregnant women unfortunately have to deal with… not yet at least (hopefully I didn’t just jinx myself for the last few weeks). Not to forget the positive attitude all of this created in me, helping me stay focused in my professional life as well.  My weight has fluctuated between 20 and 30 pounds (mostly relating to sodium intake) and other than when I was sitting all-day or flying, I have had no swollen joints of any kind.  The weeks where I did not have time to train I could see my weight skyrocket and negativity creep in slowly. Now at 39 weeks pregnant and 26 pound weight gain, the baby showing in the 93 percentile in size and measuring much larger than average… I hope all of this strength will benefit me when giving birth.
I would not recommend everything I did to all pregnant women out there and am fortunate to not have dealt with a high-risk pregnancy, but I would definitely encourage scaled versions of it. Staying fit equals staying happy and having had support through our Cascade community and seeing the other pregnant women in our gym has kept me going. I hope I can do the same for others to come.

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