Cascade CrossFit Is All About Community


How Cascade CrossFit Was Born

In December 2009, Cascade CrossFit opened its doors to Washington residents. We have worked to grow, learn, and share our passion for CrossFit, fitness, and health with those who walk through our doors. It’s our passion to help clients learn new things, achieve unimaginable goals, and find a community where they can have fun, get a great workout, and grasp new knowledge that will expand to many areas of life. We have learned what our clients appreciate the most about Cascade, and will always make that our top priority. Our community is what is most loved about Cascade. Bottom line: At Cascade clients get a great workout, meet new friends, have fun, and see positive effects in health and life.

We Focus On Safety And Injury Prevention

We have adapted our programming to meet our clients’ needs and goals.

We focus on injury prevention.  It’s no secret that CrossFit has a reputation of being "crazy" and causing injury.  This can happen if not approached properly. With that, we program tough workouts, but do it in a way that helps the body, not hurts it. As clients learn in fundamentals, all the movements are scaled in a way that provides a safe and effective workout.  We have expert coaches who lead clients through a whole hour of class to warm up, mobilize, perform strength or skill work, and a workout that will leave you fitter than you were yesterday.


Cascade Community in Action