“I reached a major milestone last week. I am finally down to my senior year of high school weight of just under 185 lbs! I am 6 weeks into this nutrition program and have lost a total of 15 lbs.
— Adam Leicht

Want to take your nutrition to the next level?

Nutrition is the secret sauce to bigger lifts, faster times, feeling like a champion and looking like a million bucks. Whether it’s losing weight, improving your performance in the gym, feeling more confident, or hitting some serious goals, we’re here to help you achieve those goals.

We have a passion for people and helping them feel and look their best possible. Reaching your aesthetic goals doesn’t just come down to food. We address everything from stress and sleep to meal prep, food choices, nutrient timing, and most beneficial workouts. We believe in the Flexible Dieting methodology that doesn’t restrict certain foods but rather focuses on balance and moderation. To do this, you are asked to weigh and measure your food to reach goal macronutrients of protein, carbohydrates, and fat. This data allows us the proper knowledge to know exactly what works best for you and what does not. Prepare for a journey that can be truly life-changing and help you create habits and weight change that lasts.

The Process

  • Fill out a Health Questionnaire
    • We’ve created a questionnaire to really get to know you and so we can help you as best possible
  • Meet your coach
    • You’ll be assigned a coach who will work with you to set goals and be there for you every step of the way
  • Go Time
    • Your coach will give you daily goals for protein, carbohydrates, and fats. You will hit these goals by being asked to weigh, measure, and record your daily intake.
  • Weekly Check Ins
    • Check in with your coach once a week to overview your goals, challenges, and questions. All progress is tracked in your personalized spreadsheet to monitor progress.
  • Food Guidelines
    • None. This is not a “good foods/bad foods” program. We believe in eating the foods you enjoy as long as they fit in your daily goals. We also believe in a well-balanced diet so that you are still getting the nourishment your body needs to look and perform it’s best.
  • See Results
    • Lean on your coach, get support in our private Facebook group, and get life-changing results

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Client Testimonials

Hannah Heil | 2017 CrossFit Games Athlete | Cascade CrossFit Team

“I highly recommend working with Tenny or Cody at Cascade Nutrition.  I have had a lot of experience fine tuning my own diet, but having a 3rd party perspective has been key in achieving that ‘sweet spot’ weight, that enables me to feel lean, but maintains strength and energy to train for the Crossfit open and regionals.” 

Caitlyn Paus | 2017 CrossFit Games Athlete | Cascade CrossFit Team

After giving birth to my first baby, I am the leanest I have ever been. I sleep better. I recover quicker. I simply have more to give all around. It was so worth it! I honestly did not know what to expect and was blown away by the results.

Kyle Jacobson | 2017 CrossFit Games Athlete | Cascade CrossFit Team

I was really impressed to see how not only did I change physically, but my performance in the gym improved and I hit strength PR’s while losing weight. I am now at the lowest weight I’ve been at in over 8 years and I feel great!

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