1) Sign In For Class/Log Your Results! Show up early and stay late! Cheer on athletes in the class before you. Be respectful to your fellow classmates and coaches by not coming in late and interrupting class.

2) Attitude and effort earn respect. Work hard. Don’t drag people down with negativity, No one forced you to come to the gym, everyone has problems so whatever issue you have that day leave it at the door. Be optimistic, have fun and push yourself and those around you to do better. When you are done with your workout DO NOT put your equipment away, cheer others on instead, we start and finish every workout as a team (This isn’t a suggestion, this is something that I want us all to get back to)

3) Clean up after yourself, leave the gym better than you found it. Once everyone has finished their workout make sure you wipe down your bar (barbell/pull-up bar), sweat and chalk from floor. Put things away where they belong and don’t leave your stuff everywhere. Don’t leave boxes out or bands on the pull-up bar.

4) Introduce yourself if you don’t know someone. Everyone remembers how hard it is to walk into the gym not knowing anything or anyone, CrossFit is hard enough without feeling like no one knows you. Take the time to meet new members and make them feel at home, we strive to create a supportive environment for all athletes. It’s always easier to make it to the gym when people know your name and not just your face!(This isn’t a suggestion, this is something that I want us all to get back to)

5) Respect the equipment and gym, we have spent a lot of time and money providing you all with nice equipment, please treat it as such. Do not drop kettle bells from over or empty barbells….EVER! Control the weight when is bounces, it’s not safe for other members or our walls! Our equipment is expensive and the more we have to replace it the more we will have to charge you.

6) Respect the coach and listen while the coach is going over points of performance. If you are a veteran and think you don’t need the instruction on points of performance then why does your form still suck? No one’s form is perfect enough, not even the coaches’. Do not talk when the coach is talking and move with the group when the coach instructs. This interferes with time management and the safety of each member of the class

7) Leave your Ego at the door, all we ask is that you give YOUR best. There will always be a bigger, stronger, faster fish in the pond, the only thing you can control is you. Safety, health and longevity all trump that nasty rounded back 300 pound deadlift.

8) Don’t cheat. No one cares what your score was. Everyone cares if you cheated. Be honest with everyone else, and be honest with yourself. You know what full range of motion is, so there’s no excuse for consecutive poor reps. Take pride in what you do, we work hard here so don’t ruin it with poor movement standards. Scaling is not bad, if you are unable to complete the assigned range of movement then modify it to your ability level.

9) Make sure that you tell the Coach if you have any injury or limitation before the workout starts, waiting until the end is not helpful or safe for you. In addition make sure you taking care of yourself, if you are hurt make sure you are taking the steps to heal. Your body is an amazing thing but you have to actively work on taking care of it.

10) Showing up is the hardest part. For new members, make sure you’re staying consistent. For veterans, don’t start thinking that it’s okay to just do your own thing whenever you want to. There’s a myriad of reasons we have class. For starters, you’re less likely to bias yourself towards the things you’re good at; you’ll get some competition; and no matter how experienced you are, you still need coaching and you can still stand to work on the basics. If you have extra things you’re working on, come in before or after class to work on them.

I could care less about how many thrusters and double unders you did in the workout, what I care about is how you reacted when things didn’t go your way, or how you treated your fellow class mates and coaches. I want you to strive for better fitness and to be better people. I know this was a long post but please take it to heart. I don’t ask much from you guys but these are things that are very important to me and to the gym.