Caroline Furness (with Beckham on her back) | Cascade CrossFit

Caroline Furness (with Beckham on her back) | Cascade CrossFit

First off, A big thank you to Jill Buck for the ruthless WOD yesterday:-)  At least she didn’t turn 40 right?!?!?!  Weather looks like it will be nice for a while now so make sure you bring a water bottle to the gym because you will sweat, a lot!  I love seeing everyone working so hard in the gym so keep up the good work folks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, it’s Member Spotlight time again, and this month we are excited to spotlight Caroline Furness as our Member of the Month. We couldn’t be more excited for all the work she has been putting in lately especially on learning kipping pull ups and double unders, and it has paid off! She is an absolutely awesome lady who has been one of our core members for over a year now and has helped us beyond belief in getting our kids program up and running. She has a great attitude and always seems to make things more fun whether it’s giving the trainers nicknames like CopKyle (and has to be one word she says) or having some funny story to tell. This gym definitely wouldn’t be the same without you, Caroline!

Read her spotlight at:

Now time for some manmakers, wall balls, and hollow rocks….


4 x4 manmakers

then…10 rounds:

1 min on 1 min off of wall balls


3 min of: 30 sec plank 30 sec hollow rock

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