Our Staff

Kyle Jacobson (Owner)

-CrossFit Level 1 Certified
-CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certified
-Kelley Starrett Mobility Course

Kyle is a firefighter for the Kirkland Fire Department, and has been since February 2005. He received his CrossFit Level I certification and ACE Certification (American Council of Exercise) in October of 2008. He is also a certified physical trainer for the Kirkland Fire Department. He has been training solely in CrossFit for the last four years and absolutely loves it! Kyle has always been an avid athlete with an extreme passion for fitness. Whether it was soccer, cross country, wrestling, or tennis. Kyle has also completed two marathons, the Seattle to Portland bicycle ride in one day, and a half ironman distance duathalon (bike/run). He feels that CrossFit training has gotten him in the best shape he has ever felt. One of the things that he loves the most about CrossFit is how you can get an incredible workout in just 20 minutes. The other is the community in this CrossFit gym. In no other gym do you get to workout with and train with such an awesome group of people. It makes working out so much more fun and helps push you to continuously be better.


Tennyson Jacobson (Owner)

-CrossFit Level 1 Certified
-Kelley Starrett Mobility Course

I was introduced to CrossFit after my husband, Kyle, heard about it from his Fire Department in 2008. The very first thing he told me to do was Tabata Squats: 20 seconds of as many squats you can do, 10 seconds rest, for 4 minutes. Five minutes after doing that, my legs were shaking and I had to hold on for dear life to the railing walking down the stairs. I was amazed. Four minutes of hard work did more than an hour in the gym! Previously, I had gone to a standard gym and hated being, basically, the only girl who lifted weights surrounded by all these “meat head” guys. I always felt uncomfortable and just wanted to get out of there as soon as possible. I also hated “cardio” exercises and feeling like I needed to spend an hour on a treadmill to get anywhere. CrossFit has been an AMAZING solution for that. I love that CrossFit combines everything we need to do to stay fit and healthy; combining more “cardio” exercises with strength training. I love that the workouts are short and I don’t have to mill around a gym forever. I love CrossFit because it isn’t just about getting fit and looking your best, it’s about staying healthy at any age and level, camaraderie, friendship, and finding the ability to push yourself to achieve things you never thought possible. I know CrossFit can be incredibly intimidating, as I felt the same way when I first started. However, I promise it can be a life changing experience once you get started, not just physically but mentally as well. The accomplishments we see people make day in and day out are so inspiring and make what we do the best job ever. We are so lucky to be surrounded by such amazing individulas in this gym and are just so grateful for that opportunity! I graduated in 2009 from Central Washington University with my degree in Food Science specializing in Nutrition and Dietetics. In college, I played tennis and have always loved healthy competition. In October 2010, I received my CrossFit Level 1 Certification and it has been amazing to help our clients reach their goals and see the amazing results CrossFit can bring if you comit yourself.


Nick Martindale A.K.A Nikoli (Owner)

-CrossFit Level 1 Certified
-CrossFit Kids Certified

Nick got into CrossFit with the opening of Cascade in 2010. Nick was the head wrestling coach at Chief Kanim Middle School in 2009-2010, but gave that up to be a trainer at Cascade CrossFit! He has an extensive background in wrestling that includes a three time qualifier for state in high school, as well as placing 5th in state his senior year. Besides his strength as a wrestler, Nick also is an avid soccer player and enjoys other activities like hiking and softball. When he is not staying active outdoors, he enjoys playing bass with his band The Defeyes. Nick has a true passion for fitness and is a wonderful addition to Cascade CrossFit. Any Met-Con…you can bet you’ll be chasing his time!

Favorite W.O.D – Anything bodyweight or running.

Least Favorite W.O.D – Actually getting to like anything now days.


Cody Turcotte

-CrossFit Level 1 Certified

Cody is a career firefighter with the Fall City Fire Department with a strong passion for both health and fitness. He was introduced to CrossFit with the opening of Cascade CrossFit in January of 2010. It was just after the completion of his first WOD that his strong addiction to CrossFit had begun. Since then, Cody has found himself constantly researching into the CrossFit community to continue learning about all the great attributes it has to offer. He has grown up playing sports; stays active outdoors, competes in firefighting events, and finds self-motivation in continuing to train for better health. Cody received his Level 1 Certification in October of 2010, and looks forward to sharing his passion, and motivating others in the CrossFit community. He’s the nicest guy you’ll ever meet and we are so thankful for what he brings to the Cascade CrossFit family!




Eric Forslin

-CrossFit Level 1 Certified

Hey everyone! My name is Eric and I have been coaching at Cascade CrossFit since March of 2011. I graduated from Central Washington University with a bachelor’s of Science Degree in Clinical Physiology. I am also a Firefighter for the Kirkland Fire Department. I grew up playing sports and played Football in college so I have always had a very competitive side. Once I graduated from college I really needed to spice up my workout routine with something more functional, and at the same time be a great outlet for my competitiveness. I found CrossFit and I immediately fell in love with it and began coaching soon after. I have always had a passion for working with people and motivating them to achieve their goals and I feel lucky that I can do this every day at Cascade CrossFit. I love the fact that during any workout you could have a 22 year old college football player working out alongside a mother of three and they push either to keep going! There is no workout routine, diet, or treadmill that can replace what CrossFit can do for you. I have seen amazing transformations in people here at CCF and it’s truly amazing to see! The bonds that are created at Cascade CrossFit are unbelievable and I feel so lucky to be a part of such a great group of trainers and members! Cascade CrossFit has changed my life in so many ways and I have built countless lifelong friendships!


Marhsall Griffin

-CrossFit Level 1 Certified

I work as a juvenile security officer at a detention center in Snoqualmie with hopes to someday become a career firefighter. I was introduced to CrossFit after two years of body building in a global gym failed me. Injuries were the cause of my demise and I needed to find something else to stay in shape. I began finding CrossFit workouts on my own and started doing them at my global gym and I was having a miserable time. I made the jump into Cascade CrossFit and 18 pull-ups in; I knew I was at home. CrossFit gives me the opportunity to compete which is why I love it so much. CrossFit has made me discover new things about myself and has made me into an entirely different person for the better. I am stronger, healthier, and all around more fit! Most importantly, I have discovered a second family. The CrossFit community is like no other and I have developed many friendships and memories that will last a life time. I am so lucky to be a part of an excellent coaching staff and to help train the best people around!


Domonick Miller

- CrossFit Level 1 Certification
– CrossFit Football Certified
– CrossFit Powerlifting Certified
– CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certified
– CrossFit Mobility Certified
– CrossFit Kettle bell Certified
– CrossFit Football Staff Intern
– ACE Certified Personal Trainer
– USAW Sports Performance Coach

I’ve been a strength coach and personal trainer for fifteen years and have had a passion for personal growth, working out, and setting goals in the gym since the age of five! I served four and a half years as a Special Operations Soldier in the US Army and have since pursued my passion for physical fitness through personal training. I have had some amazing opportunities as a coach, including being the USA Women’s Junior All American Rugby Team head strength and conditioning coach and training NFL athletes such as Marcus Trufant and Roy Lewis. I truly love helping people achieve personal health and fitness goals. What I love about CrossFit is its ability to change a person’s life while involving them in a healthy and supportive community. I am more excited when one of my athletes achieves a PR, than when I do.  There is just something about believing in someone more than they do and then seeing them realize their own potential.  I also love helping people make lifestyle changes that affect their spouse and kids.  I feel like I have just helped save a family.  Coaching has always been a passion of mine and I have always found it more fulfilling then my personal training. –Aside from his tremendous background, he is one of the nicest guys you’ll meet and we are beyond grateful to have him as a part of the Cascade Family!


Aimee Holy

-CrossFit Level 1 Certified

-CrossFit Gymnasrics Certified

-bio coming soon!-