How do we get started?

For new members, we require you to go through our fundamentals program. The fundamentals classes introduce you to all the major movements in CrossFit. Fundamentals consists of four classes over a two week period of time and is held the first two weeks starting on the first Wednesday in each month. The program schedule will look like as follows:

1st week: Wednesday and Saturday at either 9:00am or 7:30pm on Wednesday and 11:00am on Saturday.

2nd week: Wednesday and Saturday at either 9:00am or 7:30pm on Wednesday and 11:00am on Saturday.

The four sessions will introduce you to all CrossFit movements as well as the background of CrossFit and how to get the results that you want. Of course, we will also have an introductory workout at each class. The classes will be progressive, so it is important that you attend each class in order. This will be a requirement for all new members just so everyone can be on the same page with our workouts and how we do things at Cascade. Adjustments may be made if you already have had experience working out in a CrossFit environment.

Our fundamentals cost also includes two additional weeks of membership, so you will have membership until the end of the month to try out our normal classes and see how they work for you!

To sign up for our fundamentals program, please click here: Fundamentals Sign Up. You can register for either the 9am Wednesday class or the 7:30pm Wednesday class. We also ask you to just shoot a quick email to Kyle Jacobson at and let us know you have signed up. If you are not able to make our scheduled times for fundamentals, we can schedule a personal training session to get you covered. Please know that personal training rates will apply if we need to schedule outside of regular fundamentals times.  If you will only miss a class or two of the four sessions, we charge $20 per class to make up in addition to the $150 fundamentals price. If you would like to get started sooner than our next scheduled Fundamentals, or if your schedule does not match up with our Fundamentals hours, we can also do all your sessions privately at our personal training rate of $45/class. Our private fundamentals is usually done in three classes instead of four. If you have any other questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact us! We are more than happy to help!!

We look forward to seeing you in the gym!