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Sunday, November 9th

Strength and Skill work: Power clean EMOM for 10 minutes- 2 reps completed every minute. Individuals can increase weights for their sets or stay with a set weight. Conditioning: 10-8-6-4-2 Dips Bear Complex (5-4-3-2-1) (95/65) ADV: (135/95) Knees to Elbows        

Saturday, November 8th

Partner Workout: In pairs of two complete for time- 50 Ground to overhead (115#/75#) 25 Rope climbs 75 Thruster (115#/75#) 50 Burpee over the bar Together Run 800 * reps and movements can be split however you like, both partners have to run the 800 m together

Friday, November 7th

Strength: Power Snatch 5X3 ( add 5 lbs. from last lift) WOD: 3 rounds for time- 10 toes to bar (15 reps ADV) 15 box jumps (24″/20″ RX) (30″/24″ ADV) 20 calorie on air dyne or rowing machine

Thursday, November 6th

Strength: Overhead Squat 3X5 (add 5 lbs. from last lift) Conditioning: 10 minute AMRAP- 30 double unders 20 air squats 10 ring rows- shoulder underneath the wrists ( feet on box, level with shoulders ADV)

Wednesday, November 5th

Strength: Deadlift 1X5 ( add 10 lbs. from last week) Chipper: For time:( everyone uses one kb for the whole workout) 30 1 arm o.h. kb lunge steps (15 each arm) (53#/35# RX) 50 Russian swings 30 goblet squats 50 kb Russian swings 30 one arm KB snatches (ea snatch counts for a rep) 50…

Tuesday, November 4th

Strict Press 3X5 ( men add 5 lbs. and women add 2.5 lbs. from lift last week) WOD: For time- 10-15-20-25 Wall balls (20#/14# RX) ( 30#/20# ADV) Push ups 10- Renegade row without push up (each side) * 12 minute time cap


Strength: Back Squat 3X5 ( add 5 lbs. from last lift)   HAMMER: Five rounds for time- 5 Power clean 135/95 10  Front squat 135/95 5 Jerk 135/95 20 Pull-ups Rest 90 seconds between each round

Strength Sunday!!

Time to work on technique of Squat Snatches, and helping to get under the bar, which so many of us struggle with! Warm Up: -Burgener Warm up -Warm up dropping underneath bar (with PVC or bar) 1. 10 reps Snatch Balance landing in 1/4 squat 2. 10 reps Snatch Balance landing in 1/2 squat 3….


Its time for Barbells for Boobs!!! As mentioned on the blog, today will not be a partner workout, but rather we will be participating in the huge fundraiser put on by Mammograms in Action, Barbels for Boobs! This fundraiser is to raise money for those who cannot afford proper screening, to allow them the opportunity…


Strength: Strict Press 3×5 (men add 5# and women add 2.5# from last week) Skills: 10 minutes to work on the goal that you have on the goal board. If you do not have a goal on the goal board, work on a weakness of yours or a skill you haven’t mastered yet.   WOD: 15 min EMOM:…