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Bear poop!!!

  Reminder: No more open gym or kettle bell class Saturdays   Today there will be no parking in the main parking lots. Please park on the road. Partner WOD  25 minutes Person A: squat clean/ push press or jerk/ back squat/ back press/ front squat AMRAP rx 65/95 Person B:  10 Pull Ups /…


Great first couple of workouts this week. We are gonna slow it down a bit and hit up some strength and skills. Don’t miss out on this. Strength: Find Your 1 Rep Max Back Squat 5-4-3-3-2-2-1 Then… Skillwork: Max rope climbs in 3 minutes  


  One of the best hero WODS around 5 rounds for time 12- deadlift 155/100 9- hang clean 155/100 6- push jerk  155/100

Happy Birthday Boys!!!

Happy Birthday Boys!!! Rocco and Kyle M. both had birthdays on Sunday so lets celebrate with a birthday W.O.D. RX- (95/65)  ELK- (115/85) MOOSE- (135/95) BAMBI- (155/105) 24- Front Squat (95/65) 37- Double Unders 24- Power Cleans (95/65) 37- Burpees 24- Push Jerk (95/65) 37- Double Unders 24- Thrusters (95/65) 37- Burpees


Day 59 of the Burpee Challenge Workout Of the Day 15 Minute Amrap 12- Box Jumps 24/20 9- Front Squats 135/95 6- Push Jerk 135/95

Let’s “clean” it up!

Feb 19th 2011 – Day 50 of the Burpee challenge! Today’s strength is a focus on using full extension of the ankle, knee, hips (triple extension) and holding that mid line stabilization. Part one is about using the full triple extension to get the bar moving. Part two is using that you learned to get…

“Two Minute Defense”

“Two Minute Defense” 5 Rounds, Rest 2 Minutes, 5 Rounds: 1 – Power Clean 3 – Hang Squat Cleans 2 – Push Jerks 2 – Gassers (or 200′ Sprint) or…..  “Two Minute Defense – Team” Teams of Two, 10 Rounds Each, Alternating Each Round of: 1 – Power Clean 3 – Hang Squat Cleans 2 – Push…