We have all heard the phrase “you cannot outwork a bad diet”. Nutrition is such a paramount component to the results people want to find in the gym, but for most, it’s a very hard thing to know how to approach. We created our Cascade Nutrition Program so that we can offer the opportunity to our members (and others) to dive into nutrition and help reach their goals!

We found the need for this program after trying numerous “Paleo”, “Whole30”, “Eat Healthy” challenges at the gym and realizing that rarely any of them actually created lasting results. And the reason is simple. If you want to improve your nutrition and make physical changes, it’s not a quick fix. And, most likely, habits and new behaviors will not stick in just 30 days. Additionally, nutrition is a very psychological challenge as we have learned to equate food with pleasure and forget it’s purpose in being amazing fuel for our bodies. We are passionate about helping our clients learn how to do this properly and helping to achieve life-changing results!

Owner, Tennyson Jacobson, and trainer Cody Turcotte, lead this program and utilize the Flexible Dieting approach. Please see below for more details. It is not required that you be a member of Cascade CrossFit to join this program. This is open to all!


This specific nutrition planning is designed to work with you on a more individual basis to help you reach your goals. We take a look at all your health, activity, and lifestyle factors to come up with a specific plan for you to follow. This plan focuses on macronutrients: protein, carbohydrates, and fat and you will be given a certain amount to reach each day. Many times, although we still eat “healthy” there are not optimum results. Whether your goal is to lose weight, build muscle, or maintain the same weight but alter body composition, if you follow the process, you will see results!

You will first get sent a health questionnaire to get familiar with you, where you are at, and where you want to be. It’s important on this to be very detailed as it helps get even more specific in your planning. After all information is considered, you will be given a start date as well as your goal amount of protein, carbohydrates, and fat to reach each day. This is definitely a huge adjustment for most people and can take time to get the hang of. This is definitely understandable, but it will be stressed to get as close to your numbers as possible. To do this, you will be asked to measure and weigh all of what you intake.

Your main work will be weekly check-ins which will allow us to see your progress, hear how you are doing, and adjust accordingly throughout the process. In these check ins, you’ll be asked to weigh yourself, take pictures, and take your measurements. Lastly, you will be asked to record your daily totals of macronutrients in an excel sheet and send in with your check in.

This process is not easy. It is not a quick fix solution as 99% of those do not produce lasting results. Our program requires an asserted effort on your behalf, with us guiding you along the way. But again, if followed, the results can be pretty amazing.

We also have a private Facebook page that is dedicated to our clients. This page is a private page where you can lean on others who are doing this right along with you for support and encouragement. We also post meal ideas and posts to help keep you strong, but we highly encourage client participation!

$95/month plus tax. Additionally, there is a three month minimum requirement to allow you enough time to see how this can truly change your body!


Email Tenny at: and I’ll get you the information needed for your next steps! I’m excited to work with you and help you reach your goals!