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Another month, and another amazing member to spotlight at Cascade! Congratulations to Dawn Anson for being August’s Member of the Month!

From the first day Dawn came to Cascade, I have always been so inspired by Dawn. She always had such an awareness of what she could handle and approached workouts so smartly. I can’t tell you how hard it is to help people learn finding a perfect balance between pushing yourself but -above all else- being smart and listening to your body! I don’t get to see Dawn workout very much, but when I do, or when I see what she does on the board, I’m always so proud to see her doing what she is doing at 57. She approaches workouts with passion and intensity and (I know) is always pushing herself to be better each and every time.

I have also had the opportunity to get to know Dawn a little better and I have learned even more how hard-working she is in all aspects of her life. There are never excuses and always just doing her best in everything.

I’m so glad you gave Cascade a chance, Dawn, because we are SO proud of you and beyond grateful to have you as part of this family! Thank you for inspiring me and for inspiring so many others!!

From Dawn:

I want to say I’m honored to be member of the month!

I had been going to another crossfit for about 5 years.  I really liked the trainer and how she would push me but never past the point of being hurt.  When that crossfit closed I was scared I wouldn’t find another trainer like her that would understand that I’m not in it for the competition, I’m in it to better myself. She told me about Cascade Crossfit.  When I went online & saw how many people went to the crossfit games and how good they were, I had made up my mind that I wouldn’t fit in.

She brought me to Cascade to “give it a try”.  I knew after the first time I had found my new home.  

The first day was in the old building & we walked in and the trainer, Tessa came over and was so welcoming.  She was great with watching what I could do and making sure I did everything correctly.

I love how all the trainers keep pushing you but also help you modify if needed.  I still continue to do things I didn’t think I would ever be able to do, especially when I started crossfit ~6 years ago I was overweight, out of shape and had just turned 51.  

Cascade has amazing athletes and the one thing I love about it is they encourage everyone to be the best they can be.  I have always been self-conscious about my abilities and not wanting to get in the way of the athletes.  At Cascade I can go to any class and feel like I fit in and I always feel the support of the trainers and other class members and never feel like anyone is judging me.

Every morning I look forward to going in & seeing what is in store for the day (no, I don’t look ahead of time), if I did I would talk myself out of going).  I like that the trainers go over the workout and all the movements, that reminder helps me.

Thanks to all the trainers and crossfitters you make me feel like I’m part of the family and welcome.  Keep up the great work!!

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This Member of the Month is more of a personal one for me since I have had the pleasure of working with Paul as one of my personal clients and really getting to know him better along his journey. Paul is so incredibly deserving and I am so proud to call him June’s Member of the Month!

I feel like Paul has been a member at Cascade forever….it’s been a long time!! Like Paul talks about in his video, he had a pretty awesome transformation before he even came into Cascade and it’s always been so awesome watching him push himself to do his best each and every day.

One of the main things to me that stands out about Paul is that he literally never has an excuse. The reality for all of us is that we are busier than ever and it’s certainly no different for Paul. Between being a single, working dad, fitting time to workout takes making a commitment. For the longest time, he has always been one of the most consistent members at Cascade which alone is such an achievement! In January, Paul made a commitment to learn about nutrition and join our nutrition program. Again, this is another thing most can find an excuse why it won’t work and from Day 1, he worked his butt off. Over several weeks, Paul had completely changed the way he was eating….meal prepping, crock-potting, packing lunches to work, and being conscious of so many things he hadn’t been conscious about before. It took a while for him to figure out how to structure his days so he finally could dial his numbers in, but eventually, he freaking NAILED it and has been nailing it ever since. One of my favorite check ins from Paul was hearing how he brought fish and vegetables to work and warmed it in the microwave, and all his office peeps were like “what the heck is that?!”.

Like Paul says, he has lost 20 pounds since January and changing up his diet. Never once was it easy and he has certainly put the hard work in to reap the rewards. We still are working towards even more goals and I know he will crush it because he is so determined. To reflect on all the challenges he has worked through truly makes me so proud. He does it all with a smile on his face and humor. Another one of my favorite things Paul said was “the struggle is real, Tenny!”. Yes, the struggle IS real!! But, he freaking is doing it! Ugh, I just think it’s so awesome!!!

Another thing to note is how Paul just completed his first 1/2 Marathon June 18th! I remember mentioning it to him (half joking because I could barely take myself seriously for doing it) and little did I know, he was all in. He has told me how he never had intended running a half marathon in his life, but he committed to it and did it. And he did pretty awesome for his first half! Not many people would do this without being a runner, and just another reason to show how awesome this dude is.

Paul- you are one incredible person and have worked so hard to be where you are! I can’t wait to continue to help you reach your goals and see all the things you will continue to accomplish! I don’t know how much longer we will have Paul at Cascade (as he mentioned he may be moving in the future) and when that day comes Cascade will definitely not be the same without him!

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For May’s Member of the Month, this might have been the longest CrossFitter we have ever had! Congratulations to Brooke Erickson who we picked for May!

I love when it’s time to feature an athlete at Cascade for Member of the Month because I feel like I know so much about so many of our members, but then I realize how much I don’t know! And so many cool things about Brooke that just reinforce why she is an awesome choice!

What has stood out to us about Brooke is her drive to push herself in workouts, but with working through previous injuries, she is always smart yet still knows how to challenge herself. One of the hardest parts of CrossFit is listening to your body, and I think she is inspiring just for that reason alone that she can approach workouts so smart. The other thing that stands out about Brooke is her passion for health. It doesn’t stop at the gym with Brooke. I love how she is such an amazing example of living a healthy lifestyle, and I have already learned so much from her! I definitely encourage you to chat with her if you have specific health concerns. She’s such a wealth of knowledge.

Check out her story and congratulations you stud!!

Wow, what a nice surprise to be chosen as Member of the Month! I’m so appreciative for the recognition among such a great group of athletes. I have been doing Crossfit for almost 9 years now and it has definitely been a big part of my life during that time. I always found gyms to be extremely boring, so it took some convincing to get me to try it, but I’m so glad that I did because it was anything but boring and exactly what I needed.

I have always been an athlete and grew up playing soccer and then switched to volleyball, which quickly became my favorite sport. After high school, I played beach volleyball in San Diego for a couple of years and then in some co-ed leagues when I lived in Denver. When I moved back to Seattle I joined a YMCA and barely went except for on nights they had open volleyball, which I lost interest in because it was not very competitive. Thankfully, this is when I found Crossfit.

Around the same time I started Crossfit I became really passionate about health and nutrition and decided to go back to school. I studied nutrition at Bastyr University and then continued on to get my master’s in human nutrition and functional medicine.  I now have my own functional nutrition practice, NourishThrive, and it feels amazing to be helping others on their health journey. I look at nutrition, exercise/movement, sleep, stress/relaxation, and relationships when I’m working with a client, so it’s been great to be able to use my experience with Crossfit in my practice. I encourage my clients to incorporate high-intensity interval training (HIIT) whenever possible no matter what may be high-intensity for them. There are so many health benefits associated with HIIT – I especially like its effect on the brain!

I love being part of the Crossfit community and I’m so happy that I found a gym that continues to challenge me. I love feeling strong and the sense of accomplishment at the end of a workout. The coaches at Cascade are so encouraging and I really appreciate their knowledge and genuine desire to see members achieve their goals. More than anything though, I am so grateful for all of the friends that I have made over the past 9 years. The people are really what make Crossfit great.

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We’re very pumped to announce Nick Ballard as our April Member of the Month! We basically think he deserves this since he has to put up with those 9am ladies every morning!!! 😉 Totally kidding.

Nick has been a member of Cascade for years and has always brought an awesome energy to the gym. What has been a stand out about Nick is that he works his butt off, is very consistent, strives to move well and holds himself accountable for proper movement. He is always cheering others on (which, most the time, is the 9am mom crowd…love that!) and cracking some sort of joke.

Nick has put in a ton of effort at the gym and it’s definitely paid off. With finally hitting a goal of a 200# snatch and whipping out skills like Muscle ups, Handstand pushups, and perfect pushups. The dude is strong and puts up some killer times.

Watch the video to learn more about Nick and make sure to give him a fist bump or high five when you see him at the gym! Proud of you, Nick, for all your hard work, and thank you for being such an awesome representation of what Cascade CrossFit is all about!

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Beyond proud of Carise Martindale and so happy to have her as our February Member of the Month!

Carise has been coming for 5 years (umm…has it really been that long Carise?! Time FLIES!!). It’s hard for me to remember that far back as my memory is not the best! BUT, what I do remember is who Carise has always been. She has always been the most genuinely kind person you could ever meet. I could probably ask her to clean the bathroom and she would say, “Oh my gosh, honey, of course! Just show me what I do!” Seriously. She would.

She’s also been one of the most determined women to get after in it. I watch her in class and she treats every time as a learning opportunity. Many of us (especially after so many years) can get complacent, lose interest when the coach is explaining the workout or movements, and not pay attention. I can tell she is always taking it in learning as much as she can each and every time. She’s respectful, helpful, and the biggest cheerleader for all the others in class.

Now, one of the other things I love about Carise, is that grunt! 🙂 When I played tennis, I always grunted and Kyle totally made fun of me for it. Sometimes, you can tell Carise is really dialing it up when you hear some grunts slip out. It secretly makes me smile (and I’m sure a lot of others) so much because I KNOW how hard she is working. She gives it her all every freaking time.

To see how far she has come is so inspiring. I know I said I don’t remember much, but I do remember her as being quite thin, which reminded me a lot of myself. Look at her transformation…strong and beautiful! In my opinion, what she represents is hard freaking work, passion, and such a beautiful strong mama!

So proud of you Carise. You are one incredible and inspiring person!!!

Here’s from her!

I feel extremely honored to be chosen as Cascade’s Member of the Month for February! My journey here began back in 2011. I was introduced to crossfit by my brother-in-law. He had quickly fallen in love with the sport, so much that he had partnered up with another couple to start his own gym. As many of you know, this is Nick Martindale and Tenny and Kyle Jacobson and the gym was our very own, Cascade CrossFit.

When I first went to try cross-fit, I was intimidated. I had never in my life been a fit person. To add to my apprehension, I had 6 months prior given birth to my second child, making me the sole caregiver for two kids under two and a half. From the beginning everyone was so encouraging. They told me to start out nice and easy. In the beginning, I was just getting the movements down with light weight. I was always last to finish but everyone cheered for me more than they did the members who finished first. The positive energy and encouragement in the place was palpable.

Throughout my 20’s I had tried to get into a fitness routine. It almost always looks like this: get motivated, join a gym, stick with it for a month or so and then loose interest and motivation. With cross-fit it was very different; all I had to do was get to the gym. The other members and the trainers would get me through to the rest. It wasn’t long before I was craving my time at Cascade. I felt amazing physically. I could see physical results within the first few months. I felt happier and more positive than I ever had. Plus, I had joined a community of people all focused on living better.

Within 6 months I was hooked. Movements started to click. I could kip my pull-ups and was lifting more weight. With the encouragement of coaches and other seasoned members I was starting to be able to RX some work-outs.

One of the biggest draws for me was that I could bring my kids to the gym. Isaac and Audrey have grown up at Cascade. It makes me so happy to know they know how important physical health is for an optimal life. In seeing Tudor, they both ask me when they get to start working out.

Another gift I have received from Cascade, beside a sense of accomplishment and physical fitness is the friendships I have developed. After I stopped working a lost most social and personal daily interaction with adults. At Cascade, not only did I get back adult interaction, I met a group of amazing friends. I have made friendships that I cherish. Some of my favorite ladies in the whole world, I met right here at Cascade. We all meet-up regularly outside the gym now for ladies night out, kiddie functions and just to laugh our booties off. I love you girls!

All and all Cascade CrossFit has given me many gifts. Most importantly it has given me back confidence and a passion for something I can call my own. I consider Cascade not just the gym I go to, but an extension of my life and family. It has changed my life so much for the better.