Generational Health: How You Can Achieve This, and Why There are No Excuses standing In Your Way

Can your children out-run you?  

Do you become exhausted at the thought of playing with your kids? It doesn’t have to be this way!


Parents set the bar for the health of their families.  

Similar to how parents create “generational wealth,” parents can create “generational health” by developing, living, and reinforcing healthy habits for themselves and their families.

With childhood obesity, and obesity related illnesses on the rise, we can combat the epidemic by teaching children healthy habits.  To effectively teach, parents must live these habits themselves.  Lead from the front, as they say. 

It sounds simple enough, but as a trainer, I hear all the excuses - do these sound familiar?  

“I’m too busy,”
“My kids are too young, now isn’t the right time.” 
“I’m not in good enough shape to start exercising.”

It’s time to stop making those excuses. 

Before going full salesperson on you, I want to specify that I don’t need to sell you on my gym by telling you our facility solves all of your problems.  While we’ve developed a community gym with programs to help address those excuses, it is about YOU addressing those excuses, and telling YOURSELF you can do it.  Especially if you have the ultimate excuse “I can’t afford a gym membership.”  Well, I’ve got great news, you don’t actually need to pay for a gym membership to become more active.  Set aside an hour of your day to get outside, rain or shine.  Start by stretching, go for a walk, look up some youtube exercise videos (CrossFit’s youtube channel has some great instructional videos on proper form, and I’m telling you they are legit, not just some random google search on “how to do a push-up” that brings up a random bro.  CrossFit’s youtube channel is a great resource for numerous instructional videos on functional movements that don’t require equipment. 

Here are a few easy ideas to do for free, at home: Sit on your couch, stand up, and repeat that a bunch of times for 5 minutes.  Climb up and down your stairs for 5 minutes, do some push-ups or modified push-ups on furniture that is secured, go outside for a walk with the dog, go for a short hike, just start somewhere, it doesn’t need to be complicated. 

If you are looking for a place with all the resources to learn more about training and nutrition, Cascade CrossFit is a family friendly environment you can turn to for help.  We know how important it is to involve the whole family in a healthy lifestyle.  An exercise program is not something you should be sneaking off to do.  In order for a fitness and nutrition program to be sustainable, the whole family needs to be involved, and engaged.

At Cascade CrossFit, we have a great introductory program that will teach you and your family all the basics of functional fitness. 

Come learn the skills to help stay fit at any age, no matter what your experience level.  I encourage you to invite your spouse and children ages 13+ to join you for this intro class series.  Once you’ve got the basics, we have a dozen 1-hour regular group classes throughout the day during weekdays, multiple weekend classes, Kids classes (age 6-12), exclusive classes for teens (age 13-17), and a kids’ room with childcare during select hours throughout the week.  You shouldn’t feel like you have to leave your family behind to get your workouts in. We’ve created a gym environment that is all inclusive, so the whole family can be a part of your journey.

To revisit my original point - don’t let your kids outrun you! 

Embody the strong parent they already see in you. 

When you are starting a fitness journey, it’s important to have a why.  In my experience, the most potent “why” is to set an example for your children.  To be fit enough to outplay your children.  It’s to maintain your health so that when your children go off to college, you’re healthy enough to enjoy your newly found free time, and not be limited to the activities your aging body “allows” you to enjoy.  Start now.  Come learn a fun way to stay active for the rest of your life.

There is never going to be a “right” time to start. 

The longer you wait, the harder it’s going to be to improve.  Quite literally, the right time is right now.  The only thing you’ll regret is that you didn’t get started sooner.

Hannah Heil