Jobs at Cascade CrossFit: How does one become a CrossFit Trainer?

How does one become a CrossFit Trainer?

It is a profession that stems from a passion for fitness - nothing more or less. The desire to learn must be high, and the willingness to hustle and work hard is a requirement. We might make the job look easy, but that’s only because we are good at what we do.

It requires some very early mornings, late nights, weekends, smiling and conversing when you are tired, and helping everyone around you improve and reach their goals, but the rewards and fulfillment you feel are wonderful (why else would anyone do this?!)

At Cascade, we are ALWAYS on the prowl for passionate CrossFit Coaches that exhibit the following qualities: 

- Display a passion for fitness

- train clients in a way that is not intimidating, but encouraging.

- CrossFit Level 1 is required, but Level 2 or higher is preferred.

The hiring process begins with a screening interview, panel interview, then 40 hours of unpaid shadowing/ co-coaching.  If the applicant passes through the assessment, then a paid position will be offered.

If you’re interested, send inquiries or resume to

Hannah Heil