5 Reasons Why Cascade CrossFit is Running a Teen Summer Program

Do your kids play sports? Maybe.  

Do your kids run and play? Hopefully.

Do your Kids move? Yes.

Tudor - One of our teen CrossFit members.

Tudor - One of our teen CrossFit members.

A Focus on Form & Safety

CrossFit is just a training methodology that teaches people - adults and kids alike - the proper way to move.

A majority of the people that begin training at Cascade CrossFit start out showing poor movement patterns, and YES, even the "in shape" and "athletic people".  People develop movement patterns over the course of their whole lives, and childhood is an ideal window of opportunity to influence proper motor and movement skills.

The suggested age range for this program is 13-17 years old.  For parents, deciding on a training program or sport for their kids can be tough.  When it comes to CrossFit, instead of just judging on the age range of the program I just suggested, parents should base their decisions as to whether their kids can listen to instructions and pay proper attention to those instructions since this will be the key to the participants getting the most out of a CrossFit class.

Does this peak your interest? It should.

5 reasons why I've decided to run this program

get kids active and out of the house during their summer vacation

Especially in those later months when they start saying.. "I'm bored." They can get out, get some exercise, learn some stuff, and make some friends!  Physical inactivity is a huge problem. Kids are spending more time in front of computer and television screens. I want to help get them away from that for a bit.

A Break FoR Parents

Parents - I probably don't need to tell you this, but this will provide one hour in your day, with one less child to worry about.  Not sure how to spend your free time in Preston? I have some ideas:

There is a nice coffee shop across the street for you to get some quiet time or work done.

Our facility is also right by a lovely bike trail that runs all the way to through Issaquah - get a bike or a run in while your kid is in class!  We also have a lifting room you could use if that is more up your alley.

If there is some interest among the parents, we could host a group Fundamentals session at the same time so that you can learn the basics that your children are learning, and join the gym if you’re interested.  We also have personal training services if you'd prefer to work out with a trainer 1:1.

master movement skills during their growing years

This will help them improve body awareness, and learn about healthy body mechanics. This is useful for any human being - whether or not they end up designing software when they grow up, or becoming a professional athlete.

Build a Strong Foundation

If your child plays a sport(s), this will help them build a strong foundation by improving explosive power, strength, endurance and mobility.  CrossFit will help them become a more well - rounded athlete, and help prevent injury by strengthening all the other muscles that don't get used as much during their sport season.

Encourage that Exercise Can be Fun

If your child does not play sports and is not currently active, this can shed a completely different light on what "being active" means.  CrossFit makes exercise fun, and provides a community to foster learning about healthy lifestyle habits. It integrates children, teenagers, and adults with like-minded people who simply want to live a better life and take care of the one and only body they've been given.  Your child will be surrounded by people who have vast knowledge of how to apply nutrition and fitness to their lifestyle.

The group-lesson setting and community-support environment of CrossFit could help boys and girls to grow and mature, as well as socialize with other kids.

Side note: As a person who despised gym class when I was younger, CrossFit opened my eyes to the functional aspect of health and fitness, as opposed to just the sports and competition that drove me away from gym class and made me feel inadequate.  It made me realize that if I mastered technique, continued to master and acquire new skills, and build up a well-rounded base level of fitness, it would show in my performance and my physique. I saw this as a challenge, and maybe it will help your child change their attitude about physical fitness as well.

Lastly, you might be concerned about safety - Let's address that.  These sessions are one hour long, during that time we will warm up, mobilize, and run through an extended technique drills and skills session before our workout of the day, or "WOD."  The workout of the day will vary, but it will be tailored specifically to match your child's ability. Teenagers and children are NOT doing the same workouts adults are doing, but they are very similar and produce a similar stimulus on the body.  Through scaling the workout to appropriate weight loads, movements, and repetitions, coaches make the workouts appropriate for a teenager's capacity.

Program Logistics & Details

Thursday 6/21 at 4:30PM at Cascade CrossFit: Free Kick-off Event with the "Fittest Teens on Earth" from the Reebok CrossFit Games!

This includes a workout for all fitness levels, followed by a meet and greet with the Fittest Teenagers on Earth (who have "proven" themselves at the 2017 Reebok CrossFit Games, and are in preparation for the upcoming 2018 Games)

Classes run June 25th - August 17th:

  • Girls ages 13-17 every Mon, Wed, Fri at 12:30pm
  • Boys ages 13-17 every Mon, Wed, Fri at 1:30pm

Cost: $350 (3 classes/week, for all 8 weeks)



If you are interested to learn more, email Hannah@CascadeCrossFit.com

Christian Griffith