Overhead Squat 3 x 5 (Overhead squat  @ 70% of last weeks weight)

16 minutes: 4 rounds each

Minute 1: 8 burpees (adv: 10 burpees)

Minute 2: 12 wallballs (adv: 15 wallballs)

Minute 3: 15/12 cals airdyne

Minute 4:  10 front rack lunge (5 each leg) (95/65)

All normal hours except no 5:30 or 6:30. Have a HAPPY and SAFE New Years!!!!!!

PALEO CHALLENGE STARTS TOMORROW!! Join our Cascade Team on your iPhone or Android, by getting app “Paleo Challenge”!!! Let’s kick this New Year off right!!


Deadlift 1 x 5 (Deadlift  @ 70% of last weeks weight)



25 pull-ups

25 box jumps

25 push ups

50 Russian Kb Swings (53/35)

Run 800

50 Russian Kb swings (53/35)

25 push ups

25 box jumps

25 pull ups

Strict Press 3 x 5 (Press @ 70% of last weeks weight)

5 Rounds

40 double unders

20 hollow rocks

10 front squats (135/95)

Cascade CrossFit

Cascade CrossFit


Seahawks BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Few reminders for this week!

1. We are finishing up our strength program. This will be the deload week, then we will retest maxes next week!

2. Paleo Challenge starts this Thursday the 1st! We will weigh you in on the 1st and 31st and recommend you take measurements. Keep up on the blog and Facebook because we’ll be sharing tips, motivation, and recipes to keep you going through the month. In the meantime, start getting rid of stuff in your house that might tempt you…if it’s not there…you won’t eat it! And start researching Paleo Blogs like paleomg.com, everydaypaleo.com, nomnompaleo.com…to get meal ideas flowing!

3. New website coming soon! You will find blog info on the tab entitled “WOD”.

4. Promotion for month of January: Refer a a Member (unlimited membership) and get TWO months free instead of one!

5. Holiday Hours:

31st- 6am-11am/ 2:30-5:30

1st- 8am- 11am/ 2:30-5:30

Heres to another great week and great start to the NEW YEAR!!!!!!



Back Squat 3 x 5 (squat @ 70% of last weeks weight)

Benchmark WOD:

3K Row

Cascade CrossFit | Times

Cascade CrossFit | Times

Cascade CrossFit

Cascade CrossFit

10 minutes EMOM

Odd minutes- 5 bench press (pick a challenging weight)

Even minutes- 5 strict pull ups (use bands as needed but keep them strict)

Rest 5 min

10 min EMOM

Odd min- Sled push/ pull down and back 50lb/ 30lb

Even min- 2 rope climbs adv-3