Strength Sunday!!

Time to work on technique of Squat Snatches, and helping to get under the bar, which so many of us struggle with!

Warm Up:

-Burgener Warm up

-Warm up dropping underneath bar (with PVC or bar)

1. 10 reps Snatch Balance landing in 1/4 squat

2. 10 reps Snatch Balance landing in 1/2 squat

3. 10 reps Snatch Balance landing in full squat


5×5 Snatch Balance

-Increase weight each set until you hit a weight that pushes you but is not nasty form. Bad form practice equals no help.


12 min AMRAP:

3 Squat Snatches (115/75) ADV: (135/95)

250m row

**Don’t RX this workout if you can’t get under the bar. If you can’t catch the weight prescribed in a squat, then go down to whichever weight allows you to get under the bar.




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