For the MONTH of June, we will be doing the 30 Day Ab Challenge and lucky for y’all, it starts TODAY! Seems easy now, for day one, but you just wait! 

12pm WOD/1pm Open Gym/2pm…ENJOY THE SUN :)

Hungry after the WOD? Try these Surf and Turf Lettuce Tacos! yum.


Warm Up:


Captain Morgans

Jimmy Buffets


SWOD: In 15 minutes, cycle through….

1 Prowler Push (down & back)

5 Reverse Wall Ball Toss (goal is 10ft line)

Strict Pull Ups (7 for Men/5 for Ladies)


WOD: 15 Minute AMRAP

Calories on Airdyne (15 Men/10 Ladies)

10 Weighted Step Ups (24/20″) (35/25#)

15 KB Swings (53/35)


Cascade CrossFit

Cascade CrossFit


30 Day Ab Challenge:

15 Ab Mats

5 Crunches

5 Leg Raises

10 sec plank

3, 2, 1….Go!

9am Partner WOD/10am Open Gym/11am BRING YOUR FRIENDS WOD!

WOD: Complete the following with your partner…for time!

40 thrusters (95/65) Regional RX: (135/95)

8 rope climbs

30 thrusters

6 rope climbs

20 thrusters

4 rope climbs

10 thrusters

2 rope climbs

3 ,2, 1…..Go!


Ladies destroying the rope climbs! All could do it and today was some of their first time trying!

Ladies destroying the rope climbs! All could do it and today was some of their first time trying!

photo 2 (9)

Cascade CrossFit

Cascade CrossFit



SWOD: Power Cleans 5×3 (Men add 5#/Ladies add 2.5#)

Option B: Double Unders

5-10-15-20-25-30-25-20-15-10-5 (or practice for 10 minutes)



Part A: Snatch Balance work 5×5

Part B: 10 Minute AMRAP

5 Squat Snatches (Rx 95/65) (Adv 115/75) (Cody Mode 135/95)

10 Burpess Over Bar

3, 2, 1….Go!



Front Squat 3×5 (Everyone add 5# to last week’s weight)

Strict Shoulder Press 3×5 (Men add 5#/ Ladies add 2.5#)

Option B: 7 Minute EMOM

Perform one Rope Climb every :30 seconds…

then….800m Run


WOD: 12 Min AMRAP (135/95)

7 Deadlifts

7 Hang Cleans

7 Front Squats

3, 2, 1…..Go!


Functional at 40: Why CrossFit Just Might Save Your Life

 At 40 it’s most likely fair to say that you’re somewhere near the half-way point of your life. 

Yup… time to get real here folks — give or take 10 years a side, at 40 you’re probably half way done. Now this isn’t meant to scare you, but it’s most likely the reality. Our question to you is this: do you want the next 40 to be like the first 40? Here is a great article about how diet, exercise and community make all the difference.

“It is easy to sit up and take notice.  What is difficult is getting up and taking action”. – Honoré de Balzac[3]




5-28-14“There are plenty of difficult obstacles in your path, don’t allow yourself to become one of them.” -Ralph Martson


SWOD – Deadlift 1×5 (everyone add 10# from last week)

Option B – 1.2 Miles on AirDyne


WOD – KB Kraziness


10 KB Swings (53/35)

10 Goblet Squats

Rest 2 Min.


10 KB Snatches (5 each arm, alternating)

10 KB Sumo Deadlift High Pull

Rest 2 Min.


10 KB Push Press (5 each arm, alternating)

10 KB Sit-up Stand-ups

3, 2, 1….Go!


For the month of May, we are thrilled to spotlight Lindsey Woelke as our Member of the Month! We think it’s fitting that she ended up being May’s Member of the Month, since it is also the month that she is due with her second baby. Congratulations Lindsey and Jake and we can wait to meet your baby girl! Check out her write up HERE!

Lindsey Woelke (4 days over due! | Cascade CrossFit

Lindsey Woelke (4 days over due)! | Cascade CrossFit