Alternate partners after each exercise. Only one person works at a time

10 rounds as a team (5 each)

15- Wall Balls 20/14

12- V-Ups

10-Toes to bar

5-Clean and Jerk 135/95

Run 200m


10 Minute AMRAP

30-Double Unders (forward spin)

15- Snatches (75#/55#)

Those of you planning on competing at the Regional level will need to video tape your workouts this year. Also, the judging is super strict with the Open workouts. This means we have to be extremely strict on those of you planning on Regionals. Just keep doing what we’ve been doing and we will be fine!

Friday Night Lights tonight at 5:30!!!!!

Fourth Anniversary TOMORROW at 6:30!!!! Please respond to Evite! You will only need to pay for the cover ($15) and we will cover the food! Hope to see you all there!!!!


It’s still not too late to sign up for the open. You actually have until Monday evening when you need to have your scores submitted by. Its an awesome experience. The workout will be released tomorrow evening and will be programmed for all of the classes on Friday. We will also be doing the open workouts on Friday evenings starting around 6:00pm. This is what the “Friday Night Lights” is all about. Even if you don’t plan on doing the open please come in and just hang out, drink beer and mingle. ANYONE is welcome. Hope to see more of you sign up!!   -Nikoli

Workout of The Day

As a team of 2

One person (#1) rows 350 meters while partner (#2) begins the 10 kb swings and 5 ren. rows . Switch every 350 meters. If either partner finishes before the other then you get to rest.

20 minute AMRAP


350m sprint row


10- Kb swings (53#/35#)

5- Renegade Rows(35#/25#)

Great partner Workout | Cascade CrossFit

Great partner Workout | Cascade CrossFit

2-26-14S.W.O.D: Front Squats

8 minutes (32 reps)

2- Front Squats Every :30 seconds

Weight should be around 65% – 70% of your one rep max

Or, try 155#/105# to start and scale from there


W.O.D:  15 minute AMRAP

10- Calorie Airdyne/15- Calorie Rower

15- Front Squats (135#/95#)

20- Push Ups

25- Lunges (total) no barbell

30- Ab Mats



Max L-sit or :30 sec cumalative

40-double unders or 15-20 attempts

5-candle sticks





Pull Ups

Box Jumps

Cascade CrossFit | Times

Cascade CrossFit | Times