Wade’s Army W.O.D


Wade’s Army, Thank you donors and fundraisers for all of your amazing support! The original fundraising goal has absolutely been crushed, and we are still making huge strides with continued donation efforts. Power Athlete Nation, you done an incredible job enlisting new recruits to Wade’s Army, spreading the awareness of Neuroblastoma, and Wade’s Day is upon us!

Tuesday, November 12th is a day dedicated to Wade DeBruin and his fight against Neuroblastoma. Many Power Athletes will be participating in the ‘Wade’ workout, but there will also be donors and members of Wade’s Army who will not be. Our mission is to spread the awareness of Neuroblastoma, and the devastation this pediatric cancer can have on families, emotionally and financially. Whether you are participating in the workout or not, we encourage you to think of Wade and his fight on the 12th, and to continue to spread the awareness of Neuroblastoma.

Wade’s Day is a big day across the world for Power Athlete Nation, and we want to bring the Power Athlete’s who are participating together to fight for Wade. We look forward to having anyone and everyone come participate in this workout in support of a great cause! For more information on Wade’s Army, or how to donate, you can visit: http://www.stayclassy.org/events/wades-army/e26968

Wade- Complete 5 rounds for time:

11 reps-One Arm DB Power Snatch – 55/35/25/15# DB or KB

12 reps- One Arm DB Thrusters –55/35/25/15# DB or KB

11 reps- Pull Ups w/ the 50 lbs DB – 55/35/25/15# DB or KB

*You can alternate hands as needed during the workout to complete total reps.

Scale accordingly

Times | Cascade CrossFit

Times | Cascade CrossFit

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