Today’s workout is gonna consist of Double Unders!!!! Now I know a lot of you hate double unders with a passion…yes they are frustrating, and sometimes hurt. Heck! Even people who are great at double unders still struggle from time to time. The only way to master double unders is by taking the time to actually do them. Too many times do people settle for singles during workouts and are not pushing themselves to really master it! Everyone is capable of double unders and we are going to bring that out today!

Flight Simulator

20 Minute time cap

Double Unders



1. You must complete each set consecutively before moving onto the next

Example: I must do 5 consecutive double unders without breaking before I can move to 10 double unders. I must do 10 consecutive double unders before I move to 15 double unders etc.

2. You will start over on the set you were attempting if you do not get the desired number consecutively.

Example: If I am on set 25 and I trip on 23 double unders…I will start over and try for 25 again and continue this until I either get 25 consecutive double unders or the time runs out.

3. You must break in between sets

Example: After I complete 5 consecutive double unders, I must come to a complete stop, THEN go to set 10 and so on.

4. There is no modifying!!!!

Example: We are doing double unders today….NO SINGLES can be substituted or counted..so practice!



3 Rounds

10 Toes 2 Bars

10 ab mats

10 hollow rocks

10 flutter kicks



A lot of people enjoyed this one from last year, so we will do it again!A Mix of “Helen”, “Nancy”, “Karen”, “Cindy”, & “Filthy 50″.

  • 400m Run (row 500m if it’s raining)
  • 21 Kettlebell Swings (53#/35#)
  • 12 Pull-ups
  • 400 m Run
  • 15 Overhead Squats (95#/65#)
  • 30 Wall Balls (20#/14#)
  • 5 Pull-ups
  • 10 Push-ups
  • 15 Air Squats
  • 5 Pull-Ups
  • 10 Push-Ups
  • 15 Air Squats
  • 50 Push Presses (45#/35#)
  • 50 Walking Lunges
The only person to dress up today. Danny J. | Cascade CrossFit

The only person to dress up today. Danny J. | Cascade CrossFit

Times | Cascade CrossFit

Times | Cascade CrossFit


Compare times to last year:

“This is such a simple image. Such a simple message. But one that probably gets passed by some people.

It’s truly the only thing that anybody can ask of you. If you become the best YOU, imagine what you can give to the world; including any relationships with family or friends, your career, and more–especially the potential impact you can have on others.

We live in a world of amazing possibility, where nothing is the limit. If you stay in the moment and treat everything to the best of your ability, you will be amazed. I promise you that.

Take the challenge and see how it works for you.

Make it happen. Always Compete. Winforever.”


Workout of the Day

3-Rounds for time of:
15 Chest-to-bar Pull Ups
50 Double Unders
3-minute Rest between each round

These rounds are done as SPRINTS so attempt to go unbroken. This is a great time to practice as if this was a competition, or CrossFit event. Try to find ways to improve your speed by increasing your efficiency all while maintaining full range of motion and proper form.

15-min AMRAP of:
9 Deadlift (155#/100#)
12 Push-Ups (HR)
15 Box Jump (24#/20#)

This WOD is from the 2011 CrossFit Open so if you remember your old score then use it as a benchmark. The goal is to keep the DL weight lighter so that we maintain our intensity/heart rate.


We will be doing a brand new hero WOD that was pulled from Outlaw Crossfit.

The following statement is from Tommy’s former Platoon Leader…

The whole thing with Tommy is that he embodies everything that’s right about Ranger Battalion. He held the position of Ranger Team Leader which is literally the tip of the spear. He was the consummate, quiet professional—he expected absolutely zero recognition for what he did. He loved his job because he was a born protector. He was perfectly content to carry out his life’s work under the cover of darkness, with his and his comrades’ actions to remain forever under the cloak of shadows. He died doing what he loved; protecting all of us. What stood out about Tommy the most was his maturity beyond his years. I believe it was the fact that he was the older brother of younger siblings, but like another Sgt. said “Tommy wasn’t one of those guys who joined the Army and grew into a man. He joined as a man and grew others.” He left behind his beautiful wife wife, Claudia MacPherson, and their son, Brayden.

“Tommy Mac”

2 Rounds for time:
12 Burpees
12 Thruster (115/75#)
12 Burpees
12 Power Snatch (115/75#)
12 Burpees
12 Push Jerks (115/75#)
12 Burpees
12 Hang Squat Clean (115/75#)
12 Burpees
12 OHS (115/75#)


Sergeant Thomas R. MacPherson

Official Army Statement:

Sergeant Thomas R. MacPherson

Killed in action on October 12, 2012

Sgt. Thomas R. MacPherson, 26, was killed by enemy forces during a heavy firefight while conducting combat operations in Ghazni Province, Afghanistan. He was leading an assault against an enemy position when he was mortally wounded by small arms fire.

MacPherson was a team leader assigned to Company D, 2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Wash. He previously served one deployment to Iraq and this was his fourth deployment to Afghanistan.

MacPherson was born July 20, 1986 in Long Beach, Calif. and graduated from Los Alamitos High School. He enlisted in the U.S. Army in May 2007 and completed One Station Unit Training at Fort Benning, Ga., as an infantryman. After graduating from the Basic Airborne Course there, he was assigned to the Ranger Assessment and Selection Program also at Fort Benning.

MacPherson graduated from the Ranger Assessment and Selection Program and was then assigned to Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 2nd Bn., 75th Ranger Regiment in December 2007, where he served as a mortarman. After three years, he was assigned to Company D where he served as a Fire Team Leader.

His military education includes the Basic Airborne Course, Ranger Assessment and Selection Program, U.S. Army Ranger School, Infantry Mortar Leader’s Course, Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape Course (SERE), and the Warrior Leader Course.

His awards and decorations include the Ranger Tab, the Combat Infantryman’s Badge, the Expert Infantryman’s Badge, the Parachutist Badge, and the U.S. Army Expert Rifle Marksmanship Qualification Badge.

MacPherson has also been awarded the Bronze Star Medal with Valor, Army Commendation Medal, Army Achievement Medal, Army Good Conduct Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Afghanistan Campaign Medal with three Campaign Stars, Iraq Campaign Medal with Campaign Star, Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, Army Service Ribbon, Overseas Service Ribbon, and the NATO Medal.

He was posthumously awarded the Bronze Star Medal, Meritorious Service and Purple Heart.

MacPherson is survived by his wife, Claudia MacPherson, and their son, Brayden of Tacoma, Wash., and his parents, Troy and Diona MacPherson of Long Beach, Calif.

As a Ranger, Sgt. Thomas R. MacPherson selflessly lived his life for others and distinguished himself as a member of the Army’s premier direct action raid force and fought valiantly as he served his fellow Rangers and our great Nation.


Snatch: (This means full squat)

2X2 @ 70%
2X1 @ 75%
2X1 @ 85%
2X1 @ 90%
4X1 @ 75%
– rest 60-90 seconds for the sets through 90%, rest 30 seconds between reps for the final set.

2a) 3X5 Snatch Hi-Pulls – heavier than last week, rest 60 sec.

Notes: The finish of the movement should be at or near chest height. If this is not possible, lower the load.

2b) 3X5 Heaving Snatch Balance – heavier than last week, rest 60 sec.


High Bar Back Squat:

Set 1) Every 30 seconds for 2:00 (5 total reps) – 1 rep @ 70%
*Rest 2:00
Set 2) Every 45 seconds for 2:15 (4 total reps) – 1 rep @ 75%
*Rest 3:00
Set 3) Every 60 seconds for 2:00 (3 total reps) – 1 rep @ 80%

Notes: Each set should be performed without re-racking the bar. Once you have walked out of the rack with the barbell, do not put it down until the set is finished. Percentage should be based off of your most recent 1RM Squat.


Pull Up work:
If you can do strict Pull ups –
3×5 Weighted Chest to bar – Strict

If you cannot not do kipping Pull ups or very well and can do strict Pull ups –
3×8 Strict Pull ups with a control negative focusing on your LATS

If you cannot do kipping pull ups, or are still on the bands, or can’t do strict –
3×8-10 Supine Ring rows with the following tempo
3- Seconds up
1 – Second Pause at top
5- Seconds negative