Fast elbows!!!!

We will be working on clean technique….

If you have trouble with racking the clean you will be working on technique.

You will start with a bar and work your way up…

Warm up:
Muscle cleans focusing on fast elbows


Muscle Clean to front squat – 7×3
(You will do a muscle clean from the high hang position, rack it then front squat it. You may use hips if I see you are getting the hang of it.)

If you already do cleans proficiently you will be working on:

Power clean and Push Jerk – 7×2

Heaviest possible

Then everybody:
5×3 Pause front squats – HEAVY with 5- second pause at bottom, DO NOT USE ANY BOUNCING to get out of the bottom, and make sure you go butt to ankle!

5×3 Good mornings w/ bent knees.
Heavy but with good form!

Last thing! Biggest Loser Challenge starts tomorrow! Courtney M emailed me about her experience last challenge and wanted to share for anyone who it might help. Courtney did incredible and saw amazing results. I know it’s one thing for us trainers to tell you are thoughts on changing your diet, so i think it’s a great perspective hearing another peer’s experience. It’s not too late to sign up if you want. And for those doing it, come prepared for a weigh in tomorrow or any day after that! You guys rock and thanks for sharing Courtney!!

I have yet to put my thoughts about the last challenge into words and felt like this would be a good time. Feel free to share.

As a family nurse practitioner specializing in lifestyle-focused disease management, I have done a lot of work with people on all kinds of diets: HCG, candida, elimination, normal low fat/low carb, etc. All the while, I ate ok, but never went all in on an elimination diet or anything as strict as I often prescribed for my patients. By doing the Biggest Loser Challenge and following a mostly-perfect-paleo diet, I finally had to walk the walk.
I not only lost a lot of weight, but discovered surprising foods my body didn’t want to deal with. Prior to paleo, I thought I knew which foods to avoid. So wrong.

Don’t be misled, it was not an easy change. For the first 1-3 weeks, Kyle and I were both dragging, crabby, just not feeling good. Here is how I explained it to myself so I could stay on track. This is the body’s normal response to finally being rid of the junk and getting what it really wants: varied, unprocessed food. Our bodies actually detox; dump all the junk they’ve been storing up so they can soak up all the good new stuff coming in. There is a saying in natural medicine about how the body will heal itself when it gets the right food. Between hangry episodes I tried to remember this and, after a while, it wasn’t too bad.

If anyone is on the fence about doing the challenge and needs someone to talk to, feel free to have them write.
This was a great change for us. We’re not doing a perfect job maintaining, but we didn’t do paleo perfectly either. Some of the changes have stuck and that’s a good start.

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