Partner W.O.D (9:00 am)

20 rounds alternating each exercise (26 if you feel spicy)

9- Box Jumps (30″/24″)

6- Push Ups

3- Power Clean (185#/115#) Just GO HEAVY if form allows it


Open Gym (10:00 am)

Snatch Warm up:
Burgener Warm up and the skill transfer exercises, not sure what they are… watch the video.
*Note this will be done as a class 10 Minutes after class starts. So make sure to do your general warm up/mobility the minute you get here.

10 Min to establish a 1 Rep max snatch.  (Make sure you take a few warm up sets/reps, add weight as you go)

* Note: Can be any kind of snatch you want, power, squat, muscle – As long as the bar goes from ground to over head in one motion. Press outs will be permitted only if the bar is above the head. That means if the bar is at your chest, you cannot press it out.

*Note: If you have not done a snatch before OR don’t feel comfort able snatching, you will be working on technique with a bar. Mainly working from hang unless you prove proficient from doing it from the hang.  

800 M Run then:

4 Rounds: (Mod: 3 rounds)
10 Toes 2 Bar  (Mod: Legs as high as you can)
10 Burpees
10 Chest 2 bar (Mod: Jumping chest to bar)
10 HSPU (Mod: Abmats, negatives, Pike, strict DB press or heavy strict BB press)

After the 4 Rounds,  800 M Run

Times / Cascade CrossFit



And if anybody is looking to do a Competition, there is the T-town Throwdown on the 29th of September:
Danny Johnson is competing…. who else is gonna join!