OH snap!

It’s another Sunday which means another Strength Sunday. Now the name is a little deceptive… while we mainly work barbell movements we do much more than strength. We do technique work as well as mobility. We turn down the time a bit and we take that time and work on proper positioning so we can be come more efficient at the movements we do in our WODs. Why? it’s because the more efficient we move the better we get at using the energy we have and the better we get at doing that the better we become.

So with that being said… we are going to work on something we haven’t really done on Sunday in a long time…..  Deadlift. We have been on an Oly work for a while working on cleans and such so lets come back to some power lifting movements.

Sundays agenda-

As a class- 
Deadlift technique


5×5 @ 75% – 80%
Try to increase weight each time.
Weights should be controlled and in a touch and go manner. That means DO NOT DROP IT WHEN YOU COMPLETE THE LOCK OUT. You will bring the weight down to the ground, touch the ground then begin the rep again.

Ring dips :
10×3/3×10, 5×6/6×5,
* We will try something new with ring dips. We are going to try the same protocol for pull ups that some of you have been doing and will transfer it over to ring dips.

Pull ups:
Max Strict Pull ups in 7 Minutes
(Mod: Max strict full range of motion negatives in 7 min)

10 MIN Squat test :) (THIS IS REQUIRED)

2 Responses to OH snap!
  1. Mer
    June 24, 2012 | 7:23 PM

    Thanks CCF for being open on Sunday too! Really nice to have the option to go in on Sunday and work on some stuff and see some members I dont usually see. This gym rocks!

  2. Danny J
    June 24, 2012 | 9:41 PM

    I agree with Mer. Not only is it awesome to have the option to come in on sunday but the fact there is a dedicated strength class is amazing! Thanks CCF :)

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