Gonna change it up a bit. We will be working with rings today… for the most part.

Archer Rows
– If you cannot do this, regular ring rows with feet on a box. (Body should be parallel to the floor when you pull your self up)

Ring Dips (Strict – Focus on keeping the rings close)
Extra credit: after each rep you will lock out in full support position.

If you cannot do this strict, you will do:
Close grip Bench press – Focus on keeping elbows IN!!

4 Rounds
20 – Hollow rocks
10 – Hip Extensions – Note the difference in the video. And this is not FOR TIME. Focus on control.

Chris Spealler

9:00 am Team WOD & 10:00 am Open Gym

If it’s not raining then we’ll try to take the Team WOD outside! If not then no worries. Keep your fingers crossed, and look forward to seeing you in here.

As a team of 2 complete 10 rounds each of:
1 Power Clean
3 Hang Squat Cleans
2 Push Press/Push Jerks
1 Gasser (30m)

*Partner 1 will complete the lifts while Partner 2 completes the gasser. Once partner 1 finishes the lifts, then they will immediately switch positions to complete the next round until all 20 rounds are complete.

*RX: 135#/95#

Nice Times and a PR by Wheely on PC @155!

3, 2, 1, GO!


Weeelp, its kinda not raining…….I guess that’s better then what we’ve been used to so lets get out there and run a little bit.  This will be a little change of pace from all the shorter sprint workouts we’ve had the past few days.  Get in here and get er done!


3 RDS for Time:

400 M Run

50 Jumping Lunges (Mod: walking Lunges) (Moose: With bar)

400 M Run

50 KB Swings  53/35 (Mod: lower weight) (Moose: 70/53)



Times | Cascade CrossFit

Times | Cascade CrossFit

Nothing better than a little Tabata!

If you haven’t done Tabata before, Tabata is a style of working out where you’ll work for 20 seconds and rest for 10 seconds. You will do this for 8 rounds, equalling 4 minutes per exercise. We are scoring total reps to ensure for max effort in each round.

8 rounds each exercise, 20sec on/ 10sec off:

-Push ups
1 min rest

-Knees to Elbows
1 min rest

-Rowing for calories
1 min rest

-Hollow Rocks
1 min rest



Tabata THIS!

And the winner of the Biggest Loser Challenge is…TODD SHINN!! Way to go Todd, you look awesome! Todd lost 30lbs in the three months which was just over a 14% weight loss! There were a few people really close behind: Ashley with a 13% loss, Sue R with a 12% loss, and Courtney M who lost almost 12%! You all did awesome and showed how hard work and determination and truly help you achieve your goals. For those who did the Challenge, they lost a combined total of 147lbs!! It’s not easy to change your diet and cut out the crap, but I think tons of you saw how it can truly transform your body and transform how you feel. Again…you can NEVER outwork a bad diet. Yes, cliche, but true!

I would love to hear comments and feedback from those who participated! Please comment on the blog today with what you learned from the experience and how it changed you. You never know who it will inspire although you already are inspiring others!

Congratulations Todd and to all who worked so hard and achieved awesome results! Y’all look awesome!!!!


Power Cleans x3 reps- On The Minute Every Minute for 15 Minutes

Choose a weight that is CHALLENGING. You have a whole minute to complete 3 reps. Doesn’t have to be under 10 seconds.


Rest 6 Minutes (find a partner and get a bar set up for part B. The clock will continue running so be quick)



Front Squats- 10×10 with a partner (95/65) Mar Mar (135/95)

The goal on this is to move fairly quickly through the squats while the other rests. Pick a weight that let you achieve this goal, even if thats only the bar. You will both complete 10 sets of 10 reps.

Todd’s Before and After:





Booo YA!!