Power Cleans!!!

Cascade CrossFit | Oh yeah! Marius when we was 18 years old, nice hair:-)

I hope you all had a wonderful three day weekend and congrats to those of you who completed Murph!!!  That is one tough workout:-)  Today we will be working on some explosive strength.  I love power cleans and I hope you do too because they are awesome.  I wanted to thank you all again for the support you gave our Cascade CrossFit team at Regionals…it really meant a lot to all of us!


- 1/1 Hip mobility

- Banded Hamstring stetch

- Partner shoulder stretch

- Banded wall stretch

WOD: 12 Minutes

- 3 Power cleans on the minute every minute.  We will go as heavy as we can while keeping our good form!  We will post the lightest and heaviest weight we used during this WOD.

Cash out: 3 rounds

- 20 Hollow rocks

- 20 Ice creams

- 20 Ab mats

- 20 Bicycle crunches

Results | Cascade CrossFit

Results | Cascade CrossFit

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  1. jess
    May 29, 2012 | 6:33 PM

    115# today. Sorry I forgot to write up on the board!

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