Day Three NW Regionals

Well, today is day three of the Crossfit NW Regional Competition. It’s an early one folks so if you wanna see some Snatches come early!

Team Womans Snatch Event: 8AM (Vanessa & Melanine)
Team Mens Snatch Event: 9:50AM (Nick, Kyle and Rocco)

Team Work out 6: 12:17 PM (Vanessa, Melanie, Kyle and Nick)


Since today is a Snatch day I want you all to watch this video:

You folks always hear me (Coach Pete) talk about how the landing and the squat is very critical to the oly lifts… Well Coach Burgener Explains why.

The Squat position is in my opinion the biggest thing one can do to improve performance. Remember that better position = more efficiency. More efficiency  = Less energy used. Less energy used = better performance which in turn = better conditioning/better results from working out.

So, Watch this video:

Your WOD today is to get flexible.

I want you to spend a minimum of TWO minutes on each of those pieces. You might not have a kettle bell but find something unique. You might not have a pole but find something you can use to pull your self into a squat.

IF you can’t do those in that video, then pick two from this archived post of mobilty stuff here:


and do minimum TWO minutes from 3 Videos  that you pick to improve your squat.


Post to comments on what you picked and if it helped you at all!

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