One of the best hero WODS around

5 rounds for time

12- deadlift 155/100

9- hang clean 155/100

6- push jerk  155/100

Times | Cascade CrossFit

Times | Cascade CrossFit

It’s another Sunday which means another strength day. Even thought it’s Strength Sundays I will also go over more than just strength. I will be doing a Mobility piece and a small skill focus.

The Mobilty focus will be in the ankle and lats. The reason why we will be going over ankle mobility is two fold. One being that we don’t hit it enough and it’s something that can be easily neglected. Second is that it contributes to being able to get into a good squat position. If your ankles don’t hinge then you will never get butt to ankles. We will also hit lats as tight lats can lead to a lot of shoulder flexibility issues, including going over head, overhead squatting, and having a good rack position.

For the drill/skill, we will perform a tall clean. Reason is it will help cue you to get yourself under the bar. This really focuses on the 3rd pull of the clean (which is the pull under the bar).

Oh and no fancy video’s this week. I have a log of every Sunday on my blog, so if you want to see what you missed or want to look up mobility video’s that I like go here or find out what Coach Pete has been up to the last four weeks go here:

So… Come early, Stay late!

Sunday Schedule-
12 PM:  Strength
1 PM: Open GYM

• Tall Clean 2×5 – Light to medium

• 2 Hang Clean Pulls + 1 Squat Clean
2 + 1 x 5 @ 75%-80%

• High bar back squats – 3×5 @ 75%-80%
• Romanian Deadlifts – 3×5
If you did these last week. Add weight to what you used (5-10lbs unless you feel like you can go up more). If you haven’t done them. Go to heavy set of 5 (and I mean heavy, don’t wuss out on this)

Strict Pull ups (weighted, strict, Negatives, bands) – 3×10
Rest 1 Min

3 Rounds
15 V ups
30 Seated trunk twist (25/20 slam ball)

Get your behind in here for some sweet workouts! Today we have our 9:00 partner WOD, 10:00 Fundamentals, 11:00 KB Class 12:00 Open Gym! P.S. The gym will be CLOSED by 1:00PM today

9:00 Partner WOD

The partner WOD is gonna be a doozy

For Time

You’ll start with DIANE:                                                             JERRY

21-15-9                                                                                      Run 800 m

Tandum Deadlifts (315#/225#)                    THEN —->         Row 1000 m (each)                          

Hand Stand Push Ups                            AS A TEAM  —->   Run 800 m


                                               10 Rounds of ALTERNATING CINDY

                                                                  5 Pull Ups

                                                               10 Push Ups

                                                               15 Air squats

Score is TIME


Silke’s 11:00 Kettebell Destruction Class

Unfortunately, Silke will not be here to run you through her famous Kb WODs So I (Mar Mar) am hoping to live up to Silke’s level and get you going on a sweet kettle bell work out…..

25 Kb Sumo Deadlift High Pull (70#/53#)

Run 400 m

30 Alternating Kb Snatch (53#/35#)

Run 400 m

25 Goblet Squats (53#/35#)

Run 400 m

30 Kb Swings (53#/35)



Yeah Baby!!

Today’s WOD is gonna consist of Double Unders!!!! Now I know a lot of you hate double unders with a passion…yes they are frustrating and even people who are great a double unders still struggle from time to time. PEOPLE!!! The only way to master double unders is by taking the time to actually do them. Too many times do people settle for singles during WOD’s and are not pushing themselves to really master it! Everyone is capable of double unders and we are going to bring that out today!

Flight Simulator

20 Minute time cap

Double Unders



1. You must complete each set consecutively before moving onto the next

Example: I must do 5 consecutive double unders without breaking before I can move to 10 double unders. I must do 10 consecutive double unders before I move to 15 double unders etc.

2. You will start over on the set you were attempting if you do not get the desired number consecutively.

Example: If I am on set 25 and I trip on 23 double unders…I will start over and try for 25 again and continue this until I either get 25 consecutive double unders or the time runs out.

3. You must break in between sets

Example: After I complete 5 consecutive double unders, I must come to a complete stop, THEN go to set 10 and so on.

4. There is not modifying!!!!

Example: We are doing double unders today….NO SINGLES can be substituted or practice!

6:30 class "IN FLIGHT" | Cascade CrossFit

6:30 class "IN FLIGHT" | Cascade CrossFit

Times | Cascade CrossFit

Times | Cascade CrossFit


Whew….no worries! It’s no one’s birthday today! :-) Although…it sure has been some awesome birthday WOD’s this week!! Time for a little rowing and gettin’ those pecs HUGE!



Bench Press: 6-4-4-2-2-1-1


5 rounds:

250m row sprints (row as fast as you possibly can)

1 minute rest


3 rounds:

Max Wall Sit w/wall ball   RX: (20/14) MOOSE: (30/25)