Come get your strength on!

Mar 18th 2012
Burpee challenge: 78

Well, it’s another strength Sunday. Come in and get some work done. Today I’ll introduce the Sumo Deadlift, and a little Westside Barbell method to change things up. Also remember there is open gym at 1pm.

Warm up:
10 Pass Throughs – Focus on opening shoulders
10 Perfect Air squats – No Lazy BS
10 Leg swings
10 Inch worms w/ Push ups
20 Double unders
1/1 Hip mob

Banded Hamstring Stretch
Couch Stretch.
Banded squat Wall stretch

Find 1 Rep max Sumo Deadlift

Dynamic Lift -
12×2 Box squats at 60-65% of Squat max
Rest 2 Min between each set
* Goal is to be explosive and fast *

Assistance Lifts:
3 Rounds -
GH Raises 3 sets to failure
Rest 1 Min betwen each set
GHD Situps 3×10-15
Rest 1 Min

Rest 5 Min

Then -
3 Rounds -
15 weighted KB abmat sit ups
Rest 30 Seconds
To Failure or (5-10) Strict Pull ups
Rest 1 Min

Cheer on the Folks who are doing the Crossfit Open 12.4!
And remember to submit your score before 5PM.

Watch the video below for awesome tips and tricks to help you with the muscle ups! Great video.


Also, check out KStarr’s MobWOD on how to save your shoulders in the Wall Balls to help you with the Muscle ups.

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