Sunday Funday!

Burpee Day Challenge day: 71

Don’t forget open gym is at 1pm!

Sunday strength day! We’ve been doing this strength stuff for about a month and I’m sure some of you might have noticed that I (Coach Pete) have been throwing a lot of different things here. A lot of the weird things you’ve been seeing are assistance/base move for more of the complicated and technical lifts like the Snatch and Clean and Jerk. Some of you may be asking why I’m doing this versus the classical lifts (Deadlift, Squat, Shoulder Press and bench)? Well a lot of these moves still have basis in the dead lift but are more transferable to what we do in Crossfit and are more dynamic. In turn, this will improve your oly lifts as well as improve even you classical lifts as this is more of a strength skill work.

Snatch Pulls:
1×2 @ 90 %
1×2 @ 95 %
1×2 @ 100 %
1×2 @ 105%
1×2 @ 115%
Rest 45 Seconds Between sets.
*Percentage based upon max Snatch.
* Same idea as last Sunday but we are using a snatch grip instead. This is a dynamic move that has a basis of a deadlift but is a little more explosive. This will help you learn to use your body to generate force on the bar versus your arms. This is essentially the first and second pull of the snatch.

Rest 5 Min

3 Rounds -
Max rep of unbroken weighted dips
Rest 1 Min
Max Reps of Unbroken strict pull ups weighted
Rest 1 Min
* If you cannot do weighted dips. Go regular. If you can’t do regular use the lightest band possible. Push your self. Same goes for Pull ups
** Goal is to go as many reps as possible with out dropping from the bar/rings.

Rest 5 Min

3 Rounds
20 unbroken Wallball Abmats (20/14)
1 Min rest between rounds

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