FIrst off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY JORGE!!! It’s a big one! Birthday WOD coming soon!!! :-)

OK… It won’t save your life but sure will make your life better… so at the very least, bookmark it, watch it, and learn from it!!!

We will be doing something a little different. Not going do a big warm up but focus on mobility. As you know I’m a big big preacher on mobility as I feel it will help you get stronger. I know some of you are like: Coach Pete, how does it make me stronger? Well my young Padawans (yes that is a Star Wars reference)…

Ask your self: Do you look like this: (Link) Chest up, knees tracking over feet, knee’s not rolling in, knees out, weight on heels?
Ask your self: are you truly in a great position? If not, what is stopping you, Confidence? Balance? inmobility? All of the above?

Well, this is where the mobility will help. Your body works on a lot of different levers… and the body can also compensate for something that is lacking. Immobile in the ankle, the shin will move around the joint to create flexion (closing the joint angle). Immobile hamstrings usually leads to having a muted hip or having your torso far forward. Tight quads usually means weights on heels. Now this is the case for every body but generally hits most people. In addition to that, it’s generally not just one thing, it’s usually a combination of things causing your in ability to stay in a strong position.

Example: My hamstrings and quads are pretty decent (not perfect, I am not Mr. Gumby- Eric Forslin) but I suffer from tight hip flexors (sitting at a desk for 8 hours) and ankles which cause me to squat like crap if I don’t mobilize first.

It’s why you tend to see me stretching a whole bunch before WODs.

Better position = stronger position. Stronger position = more efficiency. More Efficiency = less energy used in WODs. Less energy used in WODs = Better times. Better times = HAPPY YOU!

Addition to all of this, when you are mobilizing/stretching make sure you are actually making change. Going over and doing a band stretch for 30 seconds and moving on is not making change, it’s wasting time. If you truly want to get better, do it with meaning. Like Kelly Starrett of the MobilityWOD says “Mobilize till you make change. If you mobilize and don’t make change, there wasn’t change”. So… Do it till you feel better. 30 seconds is never enough time. It takes about 2 minutes or so to feel real movement/change.

Below are some links to my favorite mobility segments. I use these to mobilize. Some of these might even appear on today’s Mobility seminar dealy thing before the strength work. So familiarize yourself with them for today’s’ stuff and for any future WOD.

1.) Hamstring 3 Min per leg:
** Watch the whole video but the specific stretch is at 4:25 ish PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT PNF IS. I will ask somebody at the strength class. If they get it wrong… everybody will do 10 burpees. – I may or may not be joking… but really though pay attention to it.
*** Spend 2 Min perside

2.) Couch Stretch:
*** 2 Min per Leg Min

3.) Wall Squat:
** Watch the whole thing
*** I say a minimum of 2 minutes

4.) Lat mobility:

5.) Shoulder Mobility:
** Focus on the shoulder smashing @ 1:00 he explains it
*** Spend 2 Minutes per side

6.) Pec/shoulder WOD:
** Watch the whole video but focus on the part where she uses the wall and lacrosse ball on chest.”

7.) Thoracic Spine Mobility:
** Watch whole video
*** Take 10 minutes to free up the upper back/scapula/thoracic spine

8.) Ankle Mobility:
** Watch the whole video
*** Spend 2 Minutes Per ankle with band

9.) Adductor Stretch:

** Beginning of video where he does the split.
*** VERY IMPORTANT for those that have trouble keeping knees out on all things squatting.

Box Squats-

Find 1 RM Box Squats
* Find a box that puts you right be low parallel

Bench Press-
6×3 @70- 80%
* Every Set, vary the grip wide: narrow-medium-wide

Pendlay Rows-
*Work to a heavy set of 5 w/ good form.

3 Rounds-
• 1 Min side plank hold L
• 1 Min Side Plank old
• 1 Min side plank hold R
Rest 1 Min

After the Plank Complex –
3 Rounds-
• 20 Trunk twist 25/20
• (5-7-10) Glute Ham Raise
5 reps = beginners
7 reps = Semi experienced
10 reps = I know how to do this

Extra Credit:
3×10 Strict Pull ups
Rest 1 Min between sets
* If modifying, use lightest band possible. If you can’t go to 10 reps at once. Break up the sets by reps to equal 30 reps total.



Thank goodness this is the last 10 days of the Burpee Challenge: Day 91

9:00- Partner Workout

11:00- Kettlebell Class W.O.D

12:00- Open Gym



As a team you will complete 100 Power Snatches (111#/75#)

7 Hand release push ups (on the minute every minute)

You will switch off every minute. While 1 person is working the other is resting. There is a kicker though. Every minute on the minute BOTH partners will perform 7 Hand release push ups before the next person can start. Now let’s really challenge ourselves today with our weight selection. Obviously I don’t want to see crap form but I do want to see a little struggle once in awhile.



Day 90 of the Burpee Challenge

Its good to be back, NOT!!! This weather is terrible. I did miss the people a little though. Today’s W.O.D is going to be a Fight Gone Bad style of workout except we are changing the movements and doing it for 5 rounds.

1 minute each exercise for max reps followed by a 1 minute rest (5min on/ 1min rest) for:

5 Rounds

1st min- BURPEES

2nd min- TOES TO BAR



5th min- GASSERS

REST 1min


Fight gone GOOOD!

Today’s is going to be very similar to the Gorilla Games WOD that some of our coaches and members did in December…But first, we are going to have a little fun with Double Unders. Work hard today and have fun!

Today’s WOD:

10 Min AMRAP-

Double Unders – NO SINGLES TODAY!!! Time to learn them..I guarantee you can get 1 double under in 10 minutes


1 Rope Climb

500m Row

5 Box Jumps    Moose-Rx -10 box jumps

2 Rope Climbs

500m Row

10 Box Jumps   Moose-Rx- 20 box jumps

3 Rope Climbs

500m Row

15 Box Jumps    Moose-Rx- 30 box jumps

Score is rep count for the double unders and Time


Burpee Challenge: 89…

Great job today everyone! Love the 10min AMRAP of double unders because this WOD is when A LOT of people either get their first double under or something clicks and they can finally do several! That happened a bunch tonight with Shelli, Rosalyn who got her first, Ruth who got two, Amy who got her first, Mark who did several for his first time, and I’m sure morning people too!

Also, a bunch of people got a Rope Climb!! Courtney freaking rocked it out and got her first! Mark also got his first rope climbs, and Ruth did the whole WOD RX so a total of 6 Rope Climbs when she’s never done them before! That’s HUGE! Great job guys. Determination DOES pay off!!

Tammy getting after the rope climb and Suchi looking a little sassy with that rope with that hand on her hip :-) | Cascade CrossFit
Times!! Great job and look at all those MOOSES (if that's even a word) | Cascade CrossFit

Times!! Great job and look at all those MOOSES (if that's even a word) | Cascade CrossFit

5×5 Back Squat

On a 5-minute running clock complete:

15 KB Swings (53#/35#)
15 Burpees
15 Ball Slams (25#/20#)
15 V-Ups
with the remaining time, complete as many reps of Power Cleans (135#/95#)

Rest 1-minute, and repeat for a total of 3-rounds. Score is total amount of power cleans completed.

3, 2, 1, GO! Burpee Challenge Day: 88
We Are More Likely To Rust From Disuse Than To Wear Out From Overuse”

Great work today!

4:30 class did work!