Shake it off and get back on it

As many of you saw first workout of the 2012 CF Games is posted! 7 min AMRAP of Burpees. Yeah Baby. We will be incorporating the Open WOD’s as a part of our programming and you can expect to see them on Friday’s. They are like any other workout, and are scalable, so even if you aren’t competing, they will be awesome! If you are, make sure you have a judge to watch you and count your reps. A judge, ideally, is a trainer, but also can be someone that is proficient in knowing all CF movements, is clear on the standards that they are expecting. Please make arrangements with your judge and do not come up to us in the middle of teaching class. The last time you can submit your score is Sunday at 5pm, so you can do the workout as many times up to that as you would like, and take your best score.

One thing about the Burpee Challenge….we wanted to wait a little do this, but any burpees in the workout and warm up will now count as a pat of the Challenge. I don’t want people messing up their bodies because they did 5 million burpees. I’m hearing that some people are dropping, so get back on that wagon and catch up! The shirt is worth it! :-)


10 rounds:

1 min rowing

1 min rest

Score is total meters traveled.


20 minutes to work on your GOATS. Goats are any exercise/movement you’re not too hot at yet: handstand push ups, ring dips, deadlifts, pull ups, squats, butterfly pull ups, muscle ups, double unders, push ups, etc. Anything. If you are feeling there is more than one thing, pick your one that you mainly want to work on and practice. We can help you make up a workout to that will help you work on that weakness, so feel free to ask!

Burpee Challenge: Day 54









3 Responses to Shake it off and get back on it
  1. Lisa R
    February 23, 2012 | 7:33 PM

    And the reason I love CCF… Bc when you give me 20 min of unsupervised Goats- I am total slacker! Thank god For the “tough love” normal workouts! I justified being a slacker bc of my earlier run today. So LAME! Looking forward to you kicking my butt tomorrow!

  2. Eric
    February 23, 2012 | 10:01 PM

    Lol goat days are good Lisa! Take advantage of them!! Muscle ups?? Double unders?? Hspu???? Ya baby!

  3. Chris E
    February 23, 2012 | 11:09 PM

    So that is why my feet are hurting!!!

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