Great job this week everybody on some tough workouts. Let’s end the year with one last good workout. I would love to see all of you guys in here.


22 minute AMRAP w/ burpees on the minute


5- Pull Ups

10- Push Ups

15- Air squats

Every minute on the minute starts with 3 burpees for both partners. The first person up will then start with the AMRAP of CINDY. They will do this for the remainder of the minute. As soon as the minute hits, 3 burpees each. Partner 2 will then take over where partner 1 left off and partner 1 will then rest. You will keep a continuous count of rounds.  Complete as many rounds as possible combined as a team for the 22 minutes.

A huge happy Birthday W.O.D for our one and only Caroline. You can all blame her for this W.O.D

“Prime 39″

39- Thrusters (75,53)

39- Toes to Bar

39- Power Snatch (75,53)

39- KB Swings (53,35)

39- Overhead Squats (75,53)

39- Weighted Sit ups with plate (blue 44#/grn 22#)


3,2,1 GO!!!

Struggling with finding YOUR six pack? There's ALWAYS an easy fix!! Abs are made in the kitchen. Watch what you eat and come in consistently! :-)

4 rounds:

7 Handstand Push ups

Broad Jump down and back

7 Burpee Box Jumps (30/24)

Row 400m

12/29/11 Times | Cascade CrossFit

12/29/11 Times

I’m sure everyone has sore legs from yesterday so we will do some upper body today.  Time to start getting ready for the New Year and to burn off all the cookies and peanut butter balls we ate on Christmas:-)
Mobility: Watch both videos please:-)
WOD: 14 Minute AMRAP

8 Hang Power Cleans Rx (111/75) Adv (135/95) Beast Mode (155/111)

25 Hollow Rocks

Dessert: 3 Rounds

15 back extensions

15 ice creams (one each side = 1) (20/14)