Max box jump height

Here’s a video to inspire us all on our box jumps. The explosiveness and power to box jump 61inches is just insane!

Box jumps 61 inches!



Power cleans (95#/65#)

Knees to elbow

V-ups (Adv: GHD Sit ups)

Today’s highest box jump was 52″, and done by Shelby! Way to go man!! Great work everyone, and here are some pics from the day!

Aaron hits a 38inch box jump! | Cascade CrossFit

Aaron hits a 38inch box jump! | Cascade CrossFit

Just before Matthew nails his 41.5 inch box jump! | Cascade CrossFit

Just before Matthew nails his 41.5 inch box jump! | Cascade CrossFit

Here’s another great video to check out that Meredyth found for us. It is on Knees to Elbows and how to do them properly, how to modify, and how to make them more advanced. The thought is that a knees to elbow should be done strict and where your knees go completely all the way to your knees. Most all of us, if we can, use the kip which helps you go faster and get in somewhat of a groove. However, it is completely true that if you just do a strict drawing of your knees to your elbows, you are using so many more little muscles from your hips, to core, to shoulders, resulting in a stronger self. You better believe we’ll be doing more knees to elbows in our warm ups! :-) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kqOgtFcqWbE

Well, I guess it’s video day, but here’s also a video of the power clean that I posted a while ago. This is a great video because it gives you a chance to look at the movement in slow motion and see exactly each element of the power clean. It also tracks the line of the bar to show that never do you muscle up the bar to your chest, but rather use the explosion from your hips to drive that bar up, hit the shrug and high elbows, then get under the bar. If you have just a minute, this really is a great video to take a second and watch!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6TlbDQUWs0s

Find Max Box Jump, Cleans, and Abs | Cascade CrossFit

Sarah's Impressive 38" Box Jump | Cascade CrossFit

Sarah's Impressive 38" Box Jump | Cascade CrossFit

20 deadlifts

Run 400/row 500

20 KB Swings


20 O.H. Squat


20 Burpees


20 Pull Ups


20 Box Jumps


20 DB Squat Cleans


For a side note, this Wednesday, we will be closed for JUST the 6:30pm class. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding!

For today’s blog, I figured I’d post a little something for you all regarding grains. A lot of question came up in regards to grains and “why the heck are they bad for us?…especially since there is whole grain.” Like I have mentioned to you, the whole concept of no grains is…well was…hard for me too, because, as I have my degree in Nutrition, all I learned is probably what you all have heard: “Grains should consist of about 45-55% of our diet and they should be healthy whole grains.” It was hard because all I studied for years and invested so much time in learning, is, in my opinion, wrong. After not even doing that much research into why grains are bad, I’m totally convinced.

Here is an article that is really short and I think really enlightening. It helps to answer those myth questions like, “What about not getting enough carbs?”, “What about our kids…they NEED their grains!”, “Soy is good, right?”, etc.

So here we go:

courtesy of www.newtreatments.org

“The original question:

So far I have been reading and learning. I

have a question that stems from talking with a nutritionist and Drs.  The

following quote kinda sums up my question I guess.

“We have had several people starting problems

arguing about how soy and grains (or other illegals, such as sucralose)” are

good foods;

Why are the soy and grains not good?  What makes them bad?  In other diets

such as that are gluten free, some grains are allowed.  Why are they not

allowed in SCD?  And does leaving all grains out put you at a risk of not

getting enough carbs and will it lower your energy level?

The answer:
A good question..

It’s good to point out that grains and soy aren’t edible in nature

without processing and so it’s safe to assume we haven’t eaten them for

millions of years. Only since the advent of agriculture we started to

rely on grains for our food supply. That was a huge mistake. There are

several reasons why grains and soy are bad:”

Continue Reading..

****Another great piece of reading material is from Mark’s Daily Apple Blog. A little more in depth, but feel free to check it out!


Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! In case I forgot to mention yesterday….what are we thankful for? We are so incredibly thankful for all of you. We have amazing members and couldn’t ask for a better group of people to train with day in and day out. You all teach us so much and it is such a pleasure to call all of you are Cascade CrossFit Family!


50 KB SDHP (53/35)

40 Knees to Elbows

30 weighted lunges

20 push press (65/45)

10 Gassers

20 Jumping Lunges

30 Burpees

40 V ups

50 Double Unders

Day after Thanksgiving WOD | Cascade CrossFit

Day after Thanksgiving WOD | Cascade CrossFit


We hope you all have a wonderful day enjoying the company of friends and family and being thankful for for everything we are so blessed to have!

Our suggested WOD for the day:

8 rounds:

2 bites of turkey and mashed potatoes (modified: just turkey)

1 drink of egg nog (modifited: Apple Cider)

1 bite of green bean casserole

1 bite sweet potato casserole or stuffing

End with eating one piece of pie!

Enjoy and have a fabulous day off! Remember: gym will be open tomorrow for classes at 9am or 10am to help burn off today’s WOD. :-)