Cascade CrossFit – CrossFit


Sunday Warm-up (No Measure)

Assault bike or Row 2 minutes

High Knees Down & Back

Heel Kicks Down & Back

Spiderman Down

Bear Crawl back

Frankenstein Down

Crab walk back


170813 (Time)

3 Rounds for Time:

200M partner carry* (or carry 150/100# Dball)

18 burpees over the box (30 inch box – just get over the box any way you can)*

…if you have one, bring and wear a weighted vest!

*if you are doing the partner carry – wait until you are both done with all your burpees (18 per person, completed both people working at once) and carry each other for the 200M. You can alternate who carries who as needed.

Cool Down

Sunday Cool Down (No Measure)

2 minute easy Ski Erg

Spend 2 minute in “sink stretch” with Barbell or Band

Banded Hip Distraction, 2 minutes per leg