Cascade CrossFit – CrossFit


Saturday Warm – up (No Measure)

2 min bike or Run

2 minutes of Single Unders

2 minutes of Double under practice

2 sets:

10 lateral lunges

10 step ups

10 Jump squats

10 push – ups

10 back rolls


170812 (Time)

7 rounds*

7 Push Ups

7 Box Jumps

7 dumbbell clean and Jerks (25/35)

*perform with a partner “You go, I go” style one person completes the entire round, while the other rests. continue until each person has completed 7 rounds.

Cool Down

Saturday Cool-Down (No Measure)

Jog 400M

Spend 2 minutes rolling out chest & traps with Lacrosse ball

Foam roller Keg stretch (with or without barbell) 2 minutes